Protection Leveling Spec Help

Hey guys,

I'm trying to figure out my leveling spec as well as what glyphs will help me the most. My goal is a prot spec that maximizes damage output to help speed up normal dungeons and for soloing. Do any of you guys have any ideas?

I'm also thinking about regemming for all attackpower instead of stamina. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance!
Leveling spec? Regemming? You don't really get gem gear until the outlands. What level are you talking about starting from?
Oops, my bad.

Talking about leveling from 80-85.
I'm thinking I'll start at 80 with something like this :
Then go for field dressing/deep wounds. regemming to DPS stats probably won't be for the best, though. Those dungeons will be much, much harder hitting than heroics. You should actually have some vengeance.

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