Disc PvP

I'm kinda' worried about Disc in PvP come Cata and next arena season. I feel like we're not only the worst healer of 4.0 but to come. I used to have no problems keeping myself alive in any of the 3.x patches, but now I feel so soft. Also I feel the tools I used to use for survival are being nerfed (shield, PoM, my self-buffs that mitigate damage being all and easily dispellable).

oh.. and I died a little inside when my friend's prot pally was able to heal herself with WoG for more than my flash heal
It will be balanced at some point. There have been lots of good ideas thrown around on the forums.
Shadow is going to be the new pvp healing spec.

It will be balanced, the problem is that this makes it very hard to decide what to level first. Do I want to wallow in PvP misery for an undetermined amount of time, or should I just suck it up and level even though I might be ineffective.

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