Soloed Grand Ambassador Flamelash!

Well, not really, but sort of. I've generally been unhappy with the hunter changes, but I had a moment of hunter greatness last night, and I thought I'd share.

I queued for Flamelash after the invasion to try for the ring. Almost immediately, the tank and the other two DPS die standing in the fire. I turn growl on for Frostbite, my bear spirit beast. I start hitting mend pet and the spirit beast heal on cooldown, as well as the "Lick my Wounds" pet talent, and the healer is healing the bear some too. At about 40% the healer takes a dirt nap, but the bear and I keep going. I'm healing him, DPSing, and he's staying up! We finally kill him, and the rest of the group finishes their long corpse run to BRD as the loot window pops up. The dead elemental shaman says "I was going to roll on that for my offspec, but since you did all the work, I'll pass."

It was really excellent and reminded me about something I always loved about hunters.
Now THIS is a shining ray of hope for the class. Mend Pet is awesome right now and crits VERY often. I can solo elites with my bear that drop plate classes in 30 seconds.

In PvE, we remain gods.
I had a similar experience with Princess Theradras.
The tank let himself get punted out of LoS a few too many times, and one DPS go blown off the cliff down onto the spawn area of that Crocodile boss. The other DPS died to the dust DoT and an Earth Spike while the healer was trying to get into LoS with the tank.

So it was just me and the Dwarven Priest, and my pet Skoll, named Varg. I turn on Growl, keep Mend up, ask the Priest to keep him healed, Misdirect and Feign on CD while DPSing my heart out, and we succeed. Felt awesome.

On Kai'ju Ghaz'rilla, I also had an experience in which the boss's massively oversized hitbox had my Devilsaur standing so far behind the boss that he pulled some adds and was going down fast. I noticed a DPS dead to Ice Spike already, so I dismissed my Albino Devilsaur, appropriately named FlipperArms, and pulled out my Corehound, which I have yet to name because MrBurns is somehow reserved, and popped Ancient Hysteria. We burned the boss down as the tank and dps asked "wtf how we r bludlust?!?!?!".
I had a similar experience with Flamelash, too, but we only lost the tank and one DPS (both DKs) pretty early on, with Flamelash at something like 60-80% health. Switched on growl for Frostfire (Gondria), unloaded repeated MDs... the auto Spirit Mend, my own Mend Pet, and the healer kept Frostfire up and we were victorious! That was a lot of fun.
I was able to actually hunter tank Flamelash. Not use my pet, but actually tank him, both using melee and kiting abilities to hold aggro. Didn't even have a drop in aggro until the end of the fight, and the tank died about 400k in.

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