Lux et Umbra - A Priest Mechanics Guide

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Here's hoping Cataclysm Priests have a consistently updated reference. I regret not adding a "good through" date to the thread title when I stopped playing. Been waiting for a free pass to sabotage the thread so the moderators would take it down, but it's a little late now!

Kudos to Nysem and those of you applying old fashioned empiricism to the way this virtual world works. I'm happy playing a wider variety of games and turning my analysis compulsion to moral philosophy. Unlikely to be back here, but I am sometimes logged into on this character:

Now, everyone do the right thing and re-roll to Gnome Priests.

Now, everyone do the right thing and re-roll to Gnome Priests.
Way ahead of this. Also, it's about time Nysem. I also feel sorry for that poor Gnome lock who doesn't get the PI love. Wtf, m9?
Very helpful and deserving of a sticky ASAP.
Thanks for keeping the post alive! Is there a sticky feature yet?
Thanks for keeping the post alive! Is there a sticky feature yet?

There is not. Unfortunately, I accidentally reported a post to find out. ._.

Edit - Oh, well, apparently youre supposed to get a drop down box to choose a reason/enter a comment like you did with the old forum. I have no idea why those don't show up for me though.
Good read, thank you very much for posting this.
gratias vobis ago

Lux et umbra vicissum sed semper amor

I will be playing my priest.
request sticky please
Wasn't there talk of making bosses in later tiers a little bit more powerful than a flat +3 levels? (last paragraph).

So you might need a little bit more +hit.
I thought it had something to do with making Glyph of Divine Accuracy +18% hit instead of +17%.
Yes, I was actually thinking about how I was going to go about explaining that this morning. He mentioned the 17% hit cap remaining unaffected for the first tier of raiding, so unless they changed their mind since then the current explanation is fine for the time being. My understanding is that it's pretty difficult to hit cap on the beta as it is.

We're also going to be experiencing crit suppression for lack of a better term in later tiers of raiding so I intend to cover that as well. :D
Have you ever hit the quote button instead of the edit button? I just did that.
i am the thing that goes


in the night.
Hi Constie. ♥
Shameless bump
I think that posts concerning game mechanics will likely be stickied after cataclysm comes out and the game data is finalized. As it is, most guides are tentative at best.

When we get there too, I'd love to see rotation suggestions as well.

P.S. Bump

A few things:

- I added Resilience to the stats section. I don't know why it didn't occur to me when I was working on that section and it was silly to not add it despite being straightforward. I've found a large amount of conflicting information about the current "cap", but I don't know if it's something we can obtain in Cataclysm. We'll see. It's something I would like to include if it matters.

- If you have suggestions on how I can improve this to help a PvP focused player in general I'd like to hear them. I believe I've covered just about everything as it is, but I kill interweb dragons and may have missed something arena/rated BG players would view as important for an inexperienced priest to know. Keep in mind that it's a "how it works" guide not a "how to play" guide!

- Report it for a sticky if you like it! Oh and /like it too.
Great Post!


I would love more info on individual specs, i.e. shadow rotation, how disc and holy are expected to heal now, etc. I'm new to priests and I want to fail LESS! lol

Thanks for the time and the effort!

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