Prowl question

What do the talent alterations have to do with the mechanics behind Prowl? Prowl wasn't changed. It works exactly like it did before the patch, just like it has since Classic.
Ah, I understand you better. I'm unsure if anyone has ever tested it out before. I believe NPC and Player detection is the same so long as it isn't modified via talents or items, so you should be able to test against an NPC and have it be accurate.
There used to be a talent in the feral tree that improved your effective stealth level. That has now been wrapped into Feral specialization, so both cats and bears get it automatically.

I believe it is equivalent to 3 levels. So if you have this talent, you are as sneaky as someone 3 levels above you would be that doesn't have the talent. The difference is very noticable in world pvp (about the only place you see druids stealthed who are not feral.) A resto or boomy is easily spotted, while another feral is hard for me to detect unless I run right across them. Rogues are even harder to see.
If I remember, level on level, its about 8 yards. Night elf adds 1, and druid talent adds 3, so that shortens it to 4 yards. Rogues have roughly the same thing. I think stealth levels roughly equal a yard, though it hasn't been tested in awhile.

If they're trained in stealth, you won't see them until they're already on top of you.

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