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The game in Wrath was designed that people were encouraged to faction change or transfer servers in order to see the most success in WG. I was one of many people that paid money for a transfer to a realm with a faction imbalance in my favor because I wanted to have a chance to do VoA and win WG more than twice a week. Now the game has changed and I feel like it's a nudge to all us players who transferred that we better pay up and transfer/faction change again.

This really isn't fair, and I hope you will be offering free realm transfers/faction changes off of imbalanced servers in the near future.

They balanced it for both sides and you're mad because you paid money to join the unbalanced side to reap benefits you unfairly got.

Now it is perfectly fair. One side cannot simply win because they have 75 more players than the other.

Not our fault you added to the problem by swapping to the "winning team" and making the issue even worse for both realms you were on. Honestly, I feel like it is a fitting punishment if you could call it that.

Edit: Hope you are just trolling, because if you are serious. Well...
Yeah... if this person is serious, it's sad; people who faction changed just to get access to VoA a lot made the problem worse. It's about damn time Blizzard implemented the balancing mechanic; not like it matters, though, since not many people will be doing it in a few weeks. At least it will be in place for Tol Barad. I felt bad for the Horde on my server, because even with Tenacity, the Alliance had WG most of the time due to numbers canceling out each Horde member being mini-raid bosses.
wait what? lol

and for cho'gall. I personally am congratulating on this for a very imbalanced server to win 10 games. keep up the good work!
The problem is that now people with the faction majority will never see WG due to the fact that queues are so long.

You've just traded one unfair system for another. The overhaul doesn't solve anything.

Exactly, on my Realm, Lightbringer, only 15 people can get into WG each battle!
it is fair.. coming from deathwing alliance, that we passed from dominating wintergrasp, to 10 or 15 stacks of tenacity, and having WG once a week in a matter of monts, due to faction change snowball.. its is 100% fair.. now we got to stand a change, and do some equal pvp

if you faction changed just to do VoA.. well shame on you
You've just traded one unfair system for another. The overhaul doesn't solve anything.

It'll be a que asap and hover your mouse over the accept area race now. Overall though, I'd say it's better.
I'm not for facerolling people and am in fact in favor of the changes! I just feel like blizz should offer some sort of free transfer for us who paid. Look, the problem is that a PvE objective (VoA) was tied to a PvP one. A lot of PvE's don't PvP. However, who doesn't want free tier? Hence the mass exodus to faction transfer/server transfer. I was on a horrible server so I transferred.

Call me whatever you want, but I didn't feel like my PvE progress should be stalled just because there's 10 million alliance on my server. I sucked it up and paid Blizz to have the problem fixed. Now the way Blizz has it, I'm been nudged to transfer again.

Oh, I forgot about this change, I was so shocked to see the WG buff last night that I actually blurted out "Holy ##%#, we have Wintergrasp?" out loud, but it actually being balanced now would explain that.
I'd rather have equal teams than having a 15 stack of Tenacity while 50 Hordies shoot BB guns at me and pelt me to death. No longer shall the Alliance on the Garrosh server get outnumbered in WG! We have a greater chance of winning now!

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