[BUG] <3 HP> messages Overwriting each other

Bug Report
********* By the way, this is with the Floating Combat Text enabled and the energy/mana/runic power gains enabled.

HP = Holy Power
EG = Eternal Glory
WoG = Word of Glory

If I'm understanding you correctly, your concern is that, when you heal the beaconed target with a casted heal(Holy Light, Divine Light) at full charges of Holy Power and it tells you <3 HP>, and then you immediately WoG someone and get EG, the <3 HP> messages overwrite each other and show the message once, rather than showing it twice.

In which case, simply having it display the message twice would solve the problem.

When you have 3 charges of Holy Power and cast Divine Light or Holy Light on your beacon, <3 HP> message appears, indicating that you have 3 Holy Power.
When EG procs and you get your Holy Power back, it also says <3 HP>.

When you heal your beacon at 3 charges of Holy Power and immediately use WoG on someone else and EG procs, only one <3 HP> appears instead of two, causing confusion as to whether the 3 Holy Power message came from you healing the beacon(which it should every time you heal the beacon at full charges) or EG proccing.

Solution: When that scenario happens, simply make two <3 HP> messages appear. =)
Also, I was testing it out more last night and when you are casting very fast, (using your instants, not wasting a gcd) it seems like WoW's scrolling combat text doesn't always display the Holy Power total correctly even when not at 3 Holy Power.

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