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Also to the people saying that mana management is broke cause it's infinite. That's the new model Blizzard has stated that they want. DPS shouldn't have to manage mana (that includes all clothies), I can't recall the thread but it is out their.

But they clearly want us to manage an actual resource.

Warriors have Rage. Feral Druids and Rogues have Combo Points and Energy. Ret Pallies have Holy Power.
Shaman have...oh wait. Nothing!

Shamans have totems which we sometimes always have to look for (ie searing totem not attacking/totems oor)
I like where this is going and totems definitely need to play a bigger role. I only drop them now as a force of habit. Would be a good way to overhaul all totems and catch any with as poor an implementation as Searing Totem.

However, to make it work for Shamans, ideally it would not be described in reference to runes or holy power or function quite like them. And if they WERE to become a resource, unless implemented in some odd way, totems would have to become an aspect of the shaman and longer attackable constructs we drop, or perhaps finally give attacking them a drawback. Otherwise, it would be like playing a caster who couldn't turn off Mana Shield.

If they stayed as real items players/NPCs can attack they should cause some sort of Elemental Feedback based on the totem destroyed. For example, destroying a fire totem could burn the target, earth totem could slow, etc. Or perhaps instead buff the shaman, regardless the magnitude would scale with the number of active charges. But the effects would have to be quite powerful if the totems retain their 5 health and vulnerability to pets.

If they became some sort of physical buff on the Shaman, the only way to lose the resource would be to actually use it or die.

For being so iconic for the class as a whole, it is sad that the only useful ones left are still so easily disposed of.

I would also be interested in seeing a totem setup in which there is only one totem per element and the spec defines what it does, not the class as a whole.

I've always thought that the moment they implemented the frostfire mechanic shammies should benefit somehow from it. While soloing MC I've sooo wanted a frostfire or firenature lava lash so I can actually use it in there. :(

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