Pets vs Critters?

Anyone noticed lately that after your pet kills a mob that it goes completely and totally out of its way to kill a critter?

I was running a few Outland dungeons with my Bear yesterday and I had him on defensive. So we kill a group and then randomly he will run to nearly the other side of the room or even into another room to kill this critter.

I eventually put him on passive and had to make him individually attack things due to nearly wiping a few times because of this.

It's annoying. Anyone else noticed this or is my bear speeshul?
Demoralizing roar - a zero damage aggro essentially

Don't use a bear in an instance anyway get a cat or raptor.
It's not so much a bug, but a fact that the pet is using a 0-Damage AoE ability: Demoralizing Roar in the case of your bear. It happens with fox pets on the test server as well. The AoE puts the pet on the Critters agro table, so the pet will go and kill the critter... even if it's sprinted to the other side of the map.
This isn't limited by range? I've felt that my pet will randomly go and attack just about anything. I have a wolf with out the aoe ability. He will just take off after a group that is out of LOS for me. Definitely on defensive. I keep getting politely told to stop solo pulling. :(
Yes on my bear running heroics in OL. I've swapped him out for my turtle for harder running around after the fact. That little behavior has gotten me killed a few times.
First noticed Papa bear doing this with the pre cata quest going to the throne of elements to see thrall little talk. I wasn't attacking anything in the whole zone and there he went killing the little critters. I quit using him for my dailies because of this. Too much of a hassle trying to fish, and him killing the random rabbit, snake etc. interupting my casts.

I hope they fix this because I like my griz.
Aha! I've noticed this as well.. I've been farming Anzu in Heroic Sethekk Halls with my bear and have been mystified at why he was constantly going out of his way to kill a level 1 snake critter after taking out a group of mobs. Sometimes said critter is behind a group that I would otherwise be able to skip... if he hadn't run right in behind them to kill the poor critter! ><

This would never be an issue for me in groups, since in a group I'd be using my wolf instead. But I have been considering grabbing myself a worm for soloing, since I've seen several people say they're the pet to get for soloing stuff these days, as they have an AoE damage spell. I just haven't gotten around to taming one yet.

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