Talent Build for soloing Protection spec?

I'm going to try and solo as protection in defensive stance for a few levels. I've put together a build that I am using right now, but I've been away from the game for over a year so I'm not sure what the heck I am doing.

Can someone give me some advice on a good solo protection build?

Edit: Nvm you're level 70. Other guy is talking for 80-85.
Yeah, I'm looking for level appropriate stuff for now. I see a lot of good information in this forum for the 80-85 stuff.
I leveled my first warrior as Protection all the way to 80. Before the RDF. Just get used to making larger pulls and taking down multiple mobs at once and you'll be fine. As far as your build, it looks fine the way you have it started as you get into the end game stuff and 80+ content you might need to do some tweaking.

Along with Glyphs for soloing.

These will also help you in dungeons, but TBH you need Cleave/Shockwave glyphs for dungeons so buy them if you dont have them.

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