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I'm working with my girl to complete the last leg of her scepter quest before it's removed in Cataclysm. We OBVIOUSLY don't have much time left, but the issue is that Razorgore is now absolutely broken. He will basically refuse Mind Control and despawn. This makes the encounter impossible to complete. Consequently, what this means is that we cannot farm up Elementium Ingots that are required for quest completion.

It is imperative that this is resolved before the Shattering, as having such a major quest incomplete this close to the launch of Cataclysm due to a bug with a boss is very much uncool for those who are cramming. We've tried very hard to complete this and we need to be able to pass Razorgore to do so. Please fix this so we can finish off the quest.

I'm posting this in raid and dungeons, so maybe somebody will have a look at it. There are similar posts in the Bug Report forums, but that is not sufficient to getting this resolved quickly enough, imo.

That fight has been buggy for a very long time, hopefully with this new bug they will fix the fight to work properly.
Posting in this thread in support of getting it fixed BEFORE 4.0.3a. I was fortunate enough to get the quest line done the night before the patch. I dragged guildies to multiple BWL runs with my alts over the last few days preceding the patch precisely because i was afraid it would break something. I really hope they fix it pre-4.0.3a for people who weren't as fortunate as i was.

I do believe it's possible to get passed if you get enough people willing to try it over and over again though... I was MC'er for my raid earlier this week and I did manage one successful "renewal" of the mind control out of 3 attempted renewals. You just can't let the mind control lapse at all. As the mind control gets close to ending you have to run up to the orb WHILE controlling Razorgore and click it. Assuming 3 transitions are necessary (4 durations of the buff) and a 1/3 chance of it working then that would suggest it would take an average of 9 attempts to get through, albeit with a very large margin for error :p. If they announce extended maintenance on monday night though and you're desperate, you might just want to wipe a few dozen times until you can string three successful transitions together. Then again, i suppose that doesn't even guarantee that Razorgore wouldn't despawn after the final egg if everything else did go right.

Ideally, you won't have to do this and they'll just hotfix it (so i can get my Dragonstalker run in this week too :p). Either way i wish you luck.
Strange, I just went to BWL last week and we had no troubles at all. :/
Strange, I just went to BWL last week and we had no troubles at all. :/

Last week was fine, this most recent patch on Tuesday broke it :(

And I'm having the same issue, 5 Elementium Ore short and no way to get into BWL. Was quite the surprise when my usual group of 3 went in to clear BWL and Razorgore just decided to leave the instance after the first mind control.
Ouch that sucks, sorry...wish I had an answer for you.
Post in the bug report forums please.
Here is the thread (Which a Blue has posted to):


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