[H]10m Hardcore Progression Guild EST 12hr/wk

Guild Recruitment
Guild Name: Malevolent
Realm: Blackdragon Flight (PVP)
Server Timezone: EST
Website: http://malevolent.wowstead.com

<Malevolent> is a guild for above average players looking to clear all content on 10man hardmode in a 3 night/week (12 hours) raid schedule. Killing Deathwing(HM) is our main goal for this expainsion.

Nothing in this game is hard enough that it would be beyond the reach of serious, skilled, mature players raiding just three nights a week. People who die in the fire, people who don't take the time to learn fights and understand their own roles, healers who let tanks die, tanks who can't hold aggro, DPS that can't push competitive numbers NEED NOT APPLY!.

What we have to offer:
- A tight roster of dedicated players who show up to raids prepared and ready to progress
- A fun, yet serious, raid environment pushing heroic content.
- Competitive progression
- A focused and efficient raid environment
- An active leadership who is open to suggestion

This is a brand new guild recruiting for Cataclysm. We WILL consider rerolls in addition to transfers. Since time is short, you will(as all members will) be expected to be 85 (and raid ready) within 1 week of release.

Officers past raid experiences:
Our officers have been playing together for nearly 4 years.
Vanilla: All content pre-Naxx & spider wing of Naxx
BC: All content up to Kalecgos pre-nerf patch, and finished sunwell post patch
WotLK: All content upto 11/12 HM ICC 10/25, 10/25 Halion

Raid Times:
Note: All raid times are in EST (server time)
Mon: 7-11pm
Tue: 7-11pm
Wed: 7-11pm
(*On progression nights these times may extend by up to 1 hr)
(Being a 10man 12hr/wk guild we expect ALL members to maintain 99% attendance)
(*Note* We are planning on running Alt/Pug groups on off-nights, as well as PVP (rated BGs/Arena))

Loot Distribution:
With our ideal raid composition we have found a way to minimize the amount of competetion between players in a 10 man raid setting. With this in mind we are going to be using an "open" Loot Council distribution. This means that we will have the players interested in the item discuss it amongst each other and decide who will get the item at that time. The only time an officer would step in is if the players requested an officer choose or if there cannot be an agreement made the officers would discuss and choose the best candidate for the item.

Recruitment Guidelines:
We ask that you show above-average intelligence, exemplary skill, a thorough understanding of game mechanics, a high level of maturity, a strong command of the English language, and above all a complete and total lack of epeening, douchebaggery, asshattery, and anything else that would make you unpleasant to be around during our raid nights.

Class recruitment:
Currently we are seeking the following class/spec'd characters.
-DK (DPS/Tank)
-Warrior (Tank/DPS)
-Paladin (Holy)
-Shaman (Ele/Resto[preferd if you play both specs for 3 heal fights])

If you are looking for a 12 hr/wk guild that will down all 10man HM content then please apply at http://malevolent.wowstead.com

Feel free to ask ANY questions here, on our website, or in-game. Officers that you can contact with any question: Ziggyx, Zkroh, Ryou (if you cannot find us online don't hesitate to leave mail with a way to contact you.)
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