Mini Thor missing animations?

Bug Report
So I pulled my Mini Thor out the other day and it seems like he isnt so active anymore... he kinda... just sits there. Ocassionally he will get bored and take off for a short flight then its back to just a whole lotta sitting... (like it takes him 5 minutes to do a flight animation)

I really enjoyed running around with him before because he would start doing something the second I stood still. I hope this is just a bug and not numerous QQing from others who did have the pet. :P I know they are just jealous of his awsomeness.

Seriously though, he no longer does his shooting animation and it does take quite a long time of standing still for him to actually take flight now. Please fix this.
Correction, It appears he does still shoot. But they are both on pretty long timers. I guess this was changed on purpose. :(

If by some chance his animations arent supposed to be on such long timers please look into this.

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