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Druid of the Paw?

If so, I see no reason to not include them in Claw. With Ursoc and Ursol gone, it wouldn't be a stretch for Druids of the Claw to look to other sources.

Doesn't matter. Druids of the Claw are specifically bears. If cats were associated with a totme, it'd be a completely different and its own. Same with spiders if that day came.

And another specifically for aquatic form? And another specifically for boomkins and tree forms, I assume?

I doubt it. Cats and bears share a similar enough purpose, lore wise, that they don't need to be a separate sect.

Druids of the Fin!
Druids of the Moon!
Druid of the Branch!

I just wish there were "Druids of the Alamo"

See, I'm just interested in how there's a cat-form but no cat-ancient.
To clarify Ferlion's point, in Stormrage Malfurion uses cat form on numerous occasions. In The Shattering, Hamuul and his tauren druid friends go to meet some Night Elf druids. The Night Elf druids both arrive after having travelled in cat form, and fight in cat form when the meeting is ambushed.
See, I'm just interested in how there's a cat-form but no cat-ancient.

There is (was?) actually a large shadowy cat spirit wandering around the southern shores of moonglade back in classic and I always assumed it would have been the go-to NPC for a catform quest at lvl 20. Must go check to see if it's still there.

The bear and aquatic form quests, at lvls 12 & 16 respectively, appeared to be it so far as druids earning their shapeshift abilties went though. :(

[Edit: yup, 'Great Cat Spirit' is still there: 58,74 - just SE of the inlet on Moonglade's south shore]
... And another specifically for boomkins and tree forms, I assume?

Balance druids pretty much are WC3's Druids of the Talon - not so gud 4 fite, as Alamostradamus would say, but the spell casting specialists. The only reason we got lumbered with moonkin form is because the devs had presumably already earmarked the stormcrow model for our flight form.

Fair enough: "... are supposed to be" would be a better way of phrasing it.
I stand corrected then. I remember reading that Druids of the Wild (which is the player class) were the main druids now, wheras in the past they specialized into one totem, ala Aviana, Ursoc, ect was the rule.

Its possible it switched somewhere along the line and the mult form druids were always around. I know in the Shattering, it was stated Bear Form was the most powerful form. It may be those that are just not able to cut it as multi form study so hard on their favored aspect and go under that clan, so for some who want to focus on a melee form and power become Druids of the Claw, and as you say, sacrifice their other knowledge by putting all their effort into that one aspect.

Or it may be us multi forms are the exception, as you say.

In the Shattering they didn't say that bear form was the most powerful form as in my power level > your power level, they said physically powerful.
A bear can certainly do things with his strength that a cat cannot. However, a cat is much faster than a bear, and able to do things like sneaking and pouncing, which bears don't handle well.

Also something that may be worth noting is that Druids of the Claw and Druids of the Talon can cast while in their respective forms. I think this may be one thing that differentiates them from druids who don't focus on one animal spirit.
They attempted to justify and explain non-forsaken shadow priests? I'm not doubting you, I am just surprised. Can you provide a source to any of that by chance?

I don't read WoW novels. I do most of my reading at work and that would be.. embarrassing.

Twilight Cultists, Cult of the Damned, and the Auchenai are all examples of groups with non-Forsaken Shadowpreists.

The Cult of the Forgotten Shadow is far from the first or most powerful practitioners of shadow magic.
Minions of the Old Gods, Burning Legion, and Scourge all make extensive use of shadow magic, with shadow preists specifically existing in many situations.

The Old Gods are hinted to be closely tied to or even the source of shadow and void magic.

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