What made you choose rogue?

I've always been curious as to why people chose the class they play.

For me it is more a play style / personality thing. The 'dirty' styled fighting mixed with stealth may seem very ninja however I believe a rogue to be a much more physically capable of killing his opponent.

Also there is nothing cooler than being able to disappear.

So what made you choose rogue?
Tried Hunter, got to 65 or so. Didn't like it. Deleted.
Tried Paladin, got to 70. Didn't like it. Deleted.
Tried Death Knight, got to 80, Didn't like it. Deleted.
Tried Druid, got to 65, liked feral, kinda. Deleted.
Tried Rogue, somehow got to 80, loved it.
the play style for sure.
I played a hunter to 55, got bored and tried a few other classes including priest, paladin, warrior, and warlock.. I then rolled a rogue and had instant extreme fun. The stalking of prey, the extreme effect going into stealth had on the opposite faction whenever they were around.. It was the first time in the game where I actually got excited about something and had the heart rate increased. The mix of being on a PvP realm and gankers/griefers being relatively tame fostered the perfect atmosphere for me to level up, stalk alliance in my quest zones, and really learn how to be a good rogue. From that point I was hooked and have never enjoyed another class quite as much.
I love being able to quickly, quietly and efficently kill somone, then being able to just disappear it just so awesome
The Rogue was my first toon I played in wow. I didn't even try another class at first. I was attracted to the play style involving stealth attacks, sneaking around, and melee fighting. Interestingly I usually play ranged toons in other MMOs, the Rogue was my first melee toon I really enjoyed playing.

I was attracted to the combo point system, which allows you to build up to more powerful attacks.

Since lvl capping my Rogue and playing it as my "Main" in end game content I have lvled a DK and consider that my "main alt" which I also raid with.

I really enjoy the DK and the ability to switch between tanking and DPSing. I wish the Rogue had attractive secondary specs but I guess it was never in their design.
Stealth, and the hit-and-run class description on the Web site, "Rogues are a lightly armored melee class capable of dealing massive damage to their enemies in a flurry of attacks. They are masters of stealth and assassination, passing by enemies unseen and striking from the shadows, then escaping from combat in the blink of an eye."

This rogue was my first toon, and gets 90% of my playtime.
My first toon in vanilla was a paly. I wasn't really into raiding back then though. Around the time BC came out I started to get my feet wet into the raiding side of WoW, going holy and trying my hand at healing a few raids for the guild I was in back then. The more I raided the more really enjoyed it. I didn't really care for the healing roll though and thought I'd give dps a try. At the time Rogues were "the" class when it came to damage output so I rolled one up. Since the day I created my rogue I've never looked back. Sure I've dabbled with a few other classes, just to see if something might be a better fit, but I always come back to my rogue.

I think what does it for me when to comes to the rogue class is the simplicity of the combat spec rotatation when it comes to raids. I can give more focus to the mechanics of a boss fight since I don't have to focus as much on a complicated rotation. I like the game play action of melee also. I've tried raiding with a few ranged classes and like I said I still keep going back to the rogue. Standing at range and shooting spells or arrows at something tends to get a bit boring for me.

I'm not a face roll kind of guy. Like I said, I've tried other toons, but mostly out of boredom. Rolling up an alt of for something to do and to raid with when my rogue is saved to what ever the most recent raid instance may be out at the moment.

I know through the years, like any other class I guess, rogues have been up and they've been down, they've been in and they've been out. But I like raiding with my rogue so much that I'm actually in the process of rolling up a second rogue to raid with when my main is saved. :P

Rogue for life


My first 60 ever was a rogue, loved it, I like the playstyle, being some kind of dual-wielder dependant on big hits and killing speed, that's the role I try to play in every single RPG I try, the playstyle suites me.

(This is actually my 3rd rogue played to max level on different server/WoW versions)
First toon was a holy pally. Got tired of going into bg's, seeing people getting jumped, stoping to help just so the person who got jumped would run away when the enemy switched to me. Did a lot fo world pvp with a rogue so that's what I rolled

Being able to decide when/where/who i want to kill.
There are other possible classes? O_O
I wasn't even going to bother with WoW until a friend with a beta key let me test drive a rogue. My standby character concept for games like these is a mobile, lightly armored skirmisher who lives out in the woods, and WoW did that concept extremely well with the Vanilla Combat rogue. The whole night elf guerilla schtick seemed like a perfect fit for me, so I bought in.

I played a ranger in EQ, which wasn't mechanically demanding at all, content specific concerns notwithstanding. Compared to that, playing a rogue was like playing a MMORPG and playing a video game at the same time.

That's why my avatar is still blacked out, and will probably stay that way until my posting priveleges expire. I bought this game so I could play a Combat rogue.
I like jumping people from behind with leather on.
Now see, I joined much later than you all, about when Wrath came out. I started with a Pally (mixed prot/ret talents just because), and enjoyed it. Leveling was easy, I just ran into fights and started hitting. If I was doing poorly, I had all kinds of tricks. But about level 55 or so it started to get really boring, and I didn't get much past 60 with him.

I had a few other alts, a priest (which was awful to level), a mage (didn't like the glass cannon, at least not in the open), and a druid (which was fun-ish up to level 40). But nothing really kept it's appeal.

I tried Rogue and loved it. I got all the sneaking around that Ferals get, the extra tools such as Vanish, and a number of abilities that are useful for very different situations. I guess like everyone else it made me think a lot more. The leather and lower health also sped up the game, kept me on my toes. It's been slow going (I don't get a lot of time to play), but I enjoy it in my spare minutes.
No other class used energy. Druids were forced to heal and warriors were forced to tank.
ive played a rogue or rogue like class in every RPG ive played, MMO or non MMO
I played a Theif in D&D, so I assumed the Rogue class most closely fit that archetype.

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