What made you choose rogue?

undead rogue when i heard about it, stuck in my head.
I liked the light tank archetype in DAOC, dual wielding swords, light armor, high physical DPS class because quite frankly, in most games back then that was always the supreme DPS class because twohand didn't scale well and magic much of the time, happened to do the same damage as a normal attack while costing mana.

I really didn't care about the stealth, poisons or controls, just a quick DWing class.

And it was that way at the start of WoW, clothies sucked because spell power wasn't even really around for a long, long time.

Fast forward 5 years and i'm playing a frost DK and fury warrior instead to get what I want. I await the day that rogues make their triumphant return, but until then, mines shelved.
I started playing WoW at the very beginning of TBC. I went through many low lvl characters at first, just getting a feel for the game. I've always preferred the melee-type game style of "in your face combat" so I ended up settling for Warrior. I wanted to DPS when I hit 70 and that's when the reality set in.

In TBC, before the Dungeon Finder, you had to find groups through trade chat or word of mouth, and back then it was difficult to find a group for anything as a class with no crowd-control. Warriors were tanks and nothing else to most people. I had no guild at the time and was doing everything solo so it was pretty much a lost cause. I grew tired of not being able to run heroics so I decided to just roll a rogue which was the closest thing to a fury warrior. It's been 4 years and I haven't looked back.
I like the Energy resource.

I like not wearing the heaviest armor.

I like dual wielding.

I like stealth.

I can find myself getting interested in pretty much every archetype/class. But I keep coming back to rogues.
People kept saying dwarf rogues don't exist and female dwarf rogues are mythical beasts; I also wanted a toon for lockpicking and rogues interested me more than most classes as a possible alt, thus this toon came into being.

But while it was mostly just a joke at first, I found myself enjoying being a rogue more than expected as I was leveling, especially when I switched from combat to sub. Now it's my home away from home (home being my feral druid). And I must say, it's nice being the one doing the stun-locking instead of the one being the stun-locked.
Pssshhhh, because rogues do it doggy style so you can both watch x-files while they kill you. Nohomo.
The fact that it was the least played class.
I still haven't leveled my rogue up to 80, but I keep coming back to her because nothing else feels quite like it.

It's hard to put into words but if I had to try I'd say...

1) Stealth.
I love the idea of sneaking around, being where I shouldn't be. Crawling around in an Alliance area. Sapping, breaking stealth, laughing, and then vanishing just to be bad girl. In the old days, when I first started playing Sasaki that was enough to send most people running off - now they actively hunt me down and kill me. :( Also, I like lockpicking and stealing though that aspect of the game has all but disappeared these past few years.

2) Finesse / All-or-nothing
I've always liked rogues in role-playing games. In a world where you can summon demons / train pets to fight along side you, cast fireballs, heal yourself, strike down an enemy with shadow / holy magic or whatever else - the only thing rogues have to rely on is their trusty dagger and the willingness to fight dirty. The odds are stacked against you from the very beginning. There is (was) no healing magic, no ranged attacks (at that time), everything was up close and personal. I'm more of a fan of the old stunlock days as everything came down to timing and finesse. You make a mistake and you're dead. As I play warlock as well, I can understand how frustrating it can be to go 100-0 while being completely locked down - but I caught my share of sloppy rogues with a Death Coil and turned things around.

Rogues are a very personal class. They require you to study your opponent, look for the best time to strike, an understanding of how they'll react, and decent execution. It's hard, yet it's finally why I've decided to make my rogue my main. In a world where hybrids can perform just as well damage-wise as "pure" classes and everything is just "big burst damage ftw" fewer people are playing warrior / rogue / priest but I'm going back to WoW's roots and trying to embrace the challenge.
-Play Style
-Class Mechanics
-No Skill Cap
-Rogue Hate
-Not an Overplayed Class
To be perfectly honest, when I came here from SWG, I visited the forums to find out what class people complained about the most. At that time in vanilla, it was Rogue. Although I mostly play my mage now, the rogue is always played at least a little.
I have an 80 of everything except shaman, but My first char was a rogue, and I always liked him the best. I used to play this game called thief; the dark age. fell in love with thieves/rogues/whatever ever since.
Rogues remind me of Sam Fisher/Solid Snake, plus i've always like being the stealthy class.
The Play Style was a big one for me.
I like Not dying and/or preventing my death for a long period of time.

that and back then(Vanilla),I was told, Rogue was the most expensive class to play.
I liked the challenge
oh yea, back when dwarves actually had treasure track, it was the coolest thing in the world to go hunting for treasure, sap fools guarding the chest, loot it, and vanish.

wtf is this archeology bullshevik?
I started my wow experience playing a hunter and warlock in the stress test beta. I had played a druid and then a warrior (main tank) in EQ for 5 years. I don't really know what exactly brought me to the rogue class, but when I finally bought the game a couple of months after the game came out, I immediately rolled this rogue.

I was instantly drawn into the strategy and finesse that I had to play with to be successful. I liked having to think about each camp; how I was going to break the spawn and not die for every quest objective. The I discovered wow pvp. I haven't really looked back since.

I have several alts, the only really significant one is a pally that I rolled to be able to tank and heal for my guild when needed to gear up guildies or fill a raid spot. I leveled the paladin in 3.x. I was amazed at how much easier everything was on my pally.

I've since realized that rogues are like the "hard" setting for wow. In a sense. Despite how much easier everything is on my pally, I still keep coming back to my rogue. I think it will always be my main, or atleast a favorite alt.

Sadly though, if we don't get some tweaks in cata to up our damage, reduce our cd reliance and/or increase our survivability. I may try switching to my up and coming druid alt (I might reroll her as a worgen) so I can still have 90% of what my rogue can do, 90% of what my pally tank can do (all on one spec), and still have an offspec healer.

I honestly hope it isn't as good as I make it out to be, because that would horrible balance. I'll find out soon enough.

(That turned out to be more QQ that I meant it to be, but I'll let it stand with that caveat that I honestly don't know how things will be in cata. I'm just posting how I feel looking at things for the moment.)
I play a rogue because I love being able to go outside of Horde cities where people who are flagged are dueling. Waiting for someone to lose, and then ambush > vanish > rocket boots = win.
I have always played a more tactical or stealthy class if one was available, no matter the game. The wow rogue should be called the assassin, because i never steal but always kill. so far, only one alliance member has defeated me in quest zone stalking. i basically just really dig the aspect of using tactics and stealth to murder the feces from the still, lacerated forms of pitiful victims. Alliance or Horde, Rogue all the way.

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