What made you choose rogue?

My younger brother was living in my house for a few months. He bought me the game. He recommended rogue, so I went with it. I didn't do any research on any classes nor did I know anything about the game at all.

Tried Hunter, got to 65 or so. Didn't like it. Deleted.
Tried Paladin, got to 70. Didn't like it. Deleted.
Tried Death Knight, got to 80, Didn't like it. Deleted.
Tried Druid, got to 65, liked feral, kinda. Deleted.
Tried Rogue, somehow got to 80, loved it.

Lol, deleting toons.
At one point, Rogues output the most DPS, so I did a bit of research and chose it (back when humans had those weapon skill racials and such). I liked the idea of being the sharpest, fastest, sword with no guard as well as being a sneaky fellow.
HARP mace stun.
could stun lock mashing hemo.

stealthing and the crowd control.
raids should be more then just kill stuff add better traps please.
Being able to pick and choose my battles really .
This was my first character when I began playing WoW on May 4th last year. I wanted to play a mage originally but Night Elves didn't have mage. I read the description for the rogue class and thought I would give it a try. I loved it so much she became my Alli main.
So there I was, a brand new, bright eyed human warlock. I finally got there. 51. Alterac Valley awaited me. I'd done some Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch as I levelled -- dieing, but having a blast. Here was something new, massive. THE Alterac Valley. I queued. I waited... I was going to get there. ... ... Finally! Alterac Valley! Hello Mr. Dwarf! Oh weird I'm in a cave... guess the battleground is out there! Well, let's leave the cave! Oh hello Mr. Red Armoured Undead Guy with a Lightning Sword, do you want to be my f---------...

So when BC came out I wanted to be a qt blood elf and the only choice was obvious.

Edit: Two 80 Rogues now. My relatively horribly geared qt BE, and my Human (boo). And I didn't choose Rogue because I was like 'omg op!', but because I wanted to roll a blood elf to try the new race and I just fell in love with playing a rogue. ^_^
The other classes just seem much drier in comparison. This class has so many little tools and perks and exciting aspects. And I love the combat spec's focus on relentless damage, poisons, bleeds, and high energy regen.
I chose to play a rogue nearly six years ago because the guy I was dating at the time hated rogues and thought girls were bad at games. So I rolled a rogue and killed him over and over. Ended up loving the class and have stuck with it as my main ever since.
I wanted to play a gnome, and all the other classes seemed lame.
No reason in particular, me and a friend wanted to play Undead together, I decided to choose a class that I could play as undead, he chose a Mage so I decided I might as well be melee, I didn't want to be a Warrior so Rogue it was. This was back in Beta when I chose rogue, been playing a Rogue as my main ever since, though since Burning Crusade I have played extremely casual and I don't play my UD Rogue anymore.
hmmm I just love playing rogues in MMO games, been a rogue since I brought the game over the summer
To be honest, a rogue is the only thing I was able to level to cap in any expansion.

In vanilla I played quite literally every class to 20, and then rerolled. My first 60 was a gnome rogue. Then BC came out, was still playing the same rogue. Then WotLK came out, and was still playing the same rogue. Got it to 73, then my guild fell apart so me and some friends decided to play horde, and instead of paying for the faction change, I leveled an undead rogue from 1-80.

This is that rogue, faction changed and transferred at least 5 times now.

wow... they make... so much.... money
Character creation screen.

Just went through the description of the classes and decided on rogue. I never planned on playing this game for anything more than the free trial.

2 years of my life gone! Why WOW! Why!!!

that being said, kinda wish I chose warrior or mage right about now
I got the game in the middle of TBC content, and I did some reading on the different classes in the game. The stealth ability was the biggest draw for me, but all of the other perks were just icing on the cake; poisons, lockpicking, and the energy resource.
I have 1 of every class at 80 or have had at one point with the exception of Huntard and Priest. Of all of them, for pvp, I like rogue the most, by a landslide. I have the best survivability unless I decide to put my paly to holy but meh, dont like healing pvp that much. After 4 yrs of playing I would say rogue and kitty druid for all time favs, mostly cuz kitty is rogue in fur that cant vanish.

Made a hunter whom I got to around 25, had mixed feelings but ended up deleting.
Made a warrior whom I got to around 15, had mixed feelings but ended up deleting.
Made a mage ( always been a huge fan of ranged dps ) whom I got to around 20, hated it and ended up deleting.
Made a rogue ( THIS TIME IT WAS ON HORDE ) whom I got to 70 first ( very slowly ) and loved it ever since.

I then realized, I hated alliance and that's why I kept deleting my characters haha.

Made a blood elf mage + pally and now I'm in heaven.
leather pants.

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