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So I just got a new paladin to level 10, and I'm currently having a bit of a dilemna with the character. Because I'm not sure what to spec to make best usage of the spec benefits. I thought at first that starting off as a protection paladin for PvP would be useful to make use of Walk in the Light and Vengeance, but then noticed that Walk didn't offer the 6% spell hit that the tooltip claims it offers.

I have also considered going holy and starting my progression as a shockadin, healing others with holy shock and word of glory, but am not completely sure how beneficial this would actually be to my long-term progression.

And lastly I have considered going retribution, but in the low levels it doesn't seem like it would provide any form of survivability. I'm not looking for advice solely for level 10 (obviously not), but am looking for some kind of advice which works for levels 10 through say level 29. I'm not a hardcore PvPer by any stretch of the imagination, and am still trying to figure out how to adjust to better suit PvP rather than PvE.

So my question is, how would you begin speccing at level 10 for a paladin and what would you progress toward for say level 29 (and onward), and why? I ask why so that I can understand the benefits of the answers.

And before the answer of "whatever suits you best," clearly I don't know what suits me best which is why I'm asking where would be a good place to start.

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