whats a neat looking flying mount for a mage?

that new alchemy recipie that actualy turns you into a dragon looks like something that would fit right in with being a mage. specifically a fire mage.
This thread depresses me, because I saw Al'ar drop the other night and lost the roll.

Le sigh...
My mage is an Engineer, so I'll be riding a Flying Machine when I hit 60.

Headless Horseman's Mount could work, esp with T11
There's a whole site dedicated to WoW mounts but here's the reputation mounts you're after:
Headless Horseman's Mount could work, esp with T11

Headless Horseman's Mount does look awesome but imo it seems more suited to an Affliction Warlock.

Netherdrakes are also very cool and mage suited. I've always wanted one since I saw them around in BC, however I suck at mindless rep grinding.

Personally as a Fire Mage I ride the Red Proto-Drake you get from the Glory of the Hero Meta-Achievement (http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=2136). The one downside of this is you have to be lvl80 and decently geared to get some of the more annoying achievements.
My Mage uses her magical frosty flying carpet! - I don't know what's more magey.

Soon, I will get a cool flying dragon which is also pretty magey.

But ya, gryphon? No, not magey.

Phoenix is by far the best mount, imo.

Mage or anyone.
A flying carpet was my first really unique mount, and I still love it. I also really like my Albino Drake I got from the Leading the Cavalry achievement. But really for any clothie, a flying carpet is just iconic!
Best for a mage:

I would say frosty flying carpet #1 and if you have $25 spare dollars the Celstial Steed #2 (it just looks magical)


Horse looks beyond magical.
Hmm with Mage T11, how about the 10 OS Drake?
I prefer heli-copter...but you know..Thats just gnome speak :P

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