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Guild Recruitment
Where we are: Disappointed - Arthas | Alliance | EST
When we raid: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday* & Monday: 7pm-11pm EST
*Note: We will not raid every Sunday, it depends on content and current progression

Were you <Disappointed> with Wrath of the Lich King? Or even satisfied but always had that aching in the back of your mind for something more challenging?

Do you constantly have that feeling that you should be playing with more skilled players? Or be in a Guild where content dies much faster?

Or are you just a pro player who can't keep up with his current/former Guild's 5 day a week, 6 hour a night Raid Schedule. Or maybe even just a badàss Orc looking to get that operation to turn you into a Gnome?

If you fit any of the above, <Disappointed> may be the home for you.

Currently recruiting for Cataclysm. While a few of us are gearing our new mains for Cataclym, your current gear isn't going to be an issue, it should be something that will let you level accordingly but we're looking for skill not purples. Hell, you don't even have to Raid to be decked out in full 251 and higher anymore. Some of us have picked new classes to be our mains for Cataclym and we understand you may have done the same.

Recruitment Needs:

*Off Tank* - This person should also be capable of and interested in desirable DPS when fights call for 1 Tank only. Required

Deathknight or Paladin. Druids will be considered as well. No Warriors.

*DPS* - These people should be capable of adapting their specs/gems/enchants and play styles to the needs of current content.


These are the classes we are most interested in. However, we are considering applications of all classes. We are also open to groups of players, so please apply even if your class is not listed.

Do the following apply to you?

    Going above and beyond to be the best of your class
    Exceptional player that rarely makes mistakes and only makes them once
    The desire to be the best without putting in 60 hours a week to raiding
    Tired of dealing with scrubs that stand in fire?
    Want to get sh!t done and take names, while having fun in the process

Sound like the place for you? Apply with Disappointed. http://thedisappointed.net

If you have any questions feel free to message us under "Star" or "Krayve" on our forums or contact Stancedance or myself in game!

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