Thinking about going lock... couple questions

Hey there lock community. I'm planning on leveling new toons with the little lady come Cata. So I'm thinking lock since it's the only class besides shaman I haven't played to a decent level.

What build (not looking for specifics, just trees) would be best for just leveling? I guess I'm looking for something that has less downtime if that exists in any of the trees. Any ideas on any trees to avoid (if maybe they are more suited for pvp or raiding etc) as well would be greatly appreciated.

I'm sure it won't matter much either way, but am looking for any input people could spare. Thanks!
The experience may have changed a lot since I leveled this guy but for me Demo or Afflic was the way to go. Again this might have changed since 4.0 but Demo plays very similar to a hunter and it affords you a free tank (voidwalker). Afflic is just fun to be able to take so much damage with all of the heals.

But all in all all 3 are workable. I would recommend trying them all out at some point. Some of my friends swear by leveling destro, though I never had much luck with it.
Thanks much for your input Kazrah.
I've just started levelling a Warlock of my own, and while I'm not that high as of yet, my one piece of advice is: Try them all and find the one that fits. The difference between the specs in regards to levelling ability is really minor.

For example, it might be that Aff is still marginally better, but the play style feels dull to me, so I prefer going a different route.

Demo is cool with the Felguard earlier on, and it might not be quite as good at multi mob pulls, but it's still pretty simple.

Destro is probably the weakest in multi mob pulls, but it kills ridiculously fast in a single environment. If you go mob to mob, it will go faster than the other specs.

Right now I am going with Destro with the Succubus out. It's fun as hell. I kill quickly, but also have to use a bit more strategy to position mobs than I would with either Aff or Demo. It feels a little more involved, which I like.

But with the low cost of respecs now, and a very cheap dual spec option at 40, you really do have all sorts of opportunity to try out all three specs. My opinion is that instead of looking for the mathematically superior spec to level with, picking the one you find to be the most fun will be considerably more rewarding.
Yeah i have to agree,going demo is good for both lvling and soloing,but for instance running i have to go destro,for both dps and no threat since you dont have to aggro
Personally what I did was started out Affliction spec... voidy keeps aggro fairly well, and you can dot multiple mobs at a time... once I got Rain of Fire, it went even faster, as I would simply gather up 3-4 mobs, use the Voidy's Sacrifice for the shield, and RoF away. Instances are fairly simple too, with RoF.

Once I hit dual talent spec thou, I specced secondary to Dest, just to try it and for some PvP fun. I have not used Aff. spec since. Dest is very viable, PvE or PvP wise. Very simple rotation for me at this point, Soulfire, Immolate, Conflag... most mobs die from those 3.

I would agree with above posters though, try them all out and see which one you like the most. All are viable, it really comes down to which spec do you get the most fun out of.
Demo all the way for leveling.
Starting out fresh on this guy, I'm just going to say Destro.

1. Im good for instance DMG (afflic/demo = too slow)
2. I have minimal downtime when questing (I dont use food or water)

I'm not saying I may not change over to Affliction or Demo in TBC/LK content though, but for Azeroth, the best tree I've found is Destro.
I've always believed Afflic or Demo was for leveling, but these days, Destro is really starting to prove as a completely viable build as well. It really comes down to play style since the patch.

Do you want to dot, and wait? Do more pet management and have your own tank? OR you can just burn everything with fire. The old rules of "You NEED a blueberry!" Or "You NEED Siphon Life!" dont really apply. Leveling in the old world has been so normalized for all classes, it not much of a challenge regardless of what you are using.

That said, I'll probably go back Affliction to level in Cata... just to feel 'old school'. =D
I made a gnome to play around on and am having a blast with demonology. Haven't died once and I just wade into groups like a death god.
As you can probably tell by all the other posts above, any tree is good for leveling these days. When i leveled i tried all 3 to see which one i like the best, and my suggestion would be the same, find the one you like, because all 3 trees have very good tools for little to no downtime.

Affliction has alot of Self heals and i personally love multi-dotting and basically tanking my way through them because Corruption has a chance to heal you when it does damage, and you get the Voidwalker at lvl 10 (not sure if that's changed since patch 4.0)

Demonology is awesome because the very first tier in the tree has Fel Synergy; 2/2 "You have 100% chance to heal your pet for 15% of the amount of spell damage done by you". Also the Felguard is both a tank and a DPS machine, you don't even have to worry about keeping him alive.

Destruction has been called "The mage equivelant" because it's almost all direct damage. Personally, i think Destro is much better than mages, because we have a talent at lvl 39/41 that "Your Shadowburn, Soul Fire and Chaos Bolt instantly restore 4% of your total health AND mana when they deal damage and also grant replenishment". That talent alone makes for virtually zero downtime so you can continually blow em up.

Blizzard has done a very good job with warlocks IMO, they even stated that they were really excited about the "1-60 leveling experience", so again, it's whatever you like best. I tried playing other classes, like a druid, a DK, a priest, and they have their strong points, but everytime i played them, i was always drawn back to my warlock, i will always be passionate about my warlock :D

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