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Hi guys, I have a couple questions about leveling. First of all, I'm picking this toon back up from pre-4.0 and I have no idea what to do now. I'll be leveling as shadow, but where should I put put points now, and what spells are really important for my rotation? I'm just looking for a touch of insight in what direction to go now that the talent/glyph changes have been introduced.
I wish I could help but I foolishly leveled as disc before the RDF came out. Took me 3 weeks longer to hit 80 than my mage friend that started at the same time.
I'd also love some insight to Shadow leveling.
There's not really anything to say. Put your points into pure DPS ups. It's not rocket science.

At 80, the rotation I've had good luck with is this:
Vampiric Touch > Devouring Plague > Shadow Word: Pain > Mind Flay to 3 orbs > Mind Blast > refresh DoTs as needed and repeat. Whatever you don't have, don't use. And only use SW: Death when they're almost dead.
The leveling rotation is similar, except orbs don't do you any good and you never get past one mind flay (OK, maybe 2) before it's time to SW: Death. I generally use either DP or SH: Pain, on any given target, just to save mana.

Glyph of Spirit Tap + SH:Death execution is your friend - I don't run out of mana that way, unless I'm fighting 3+mobs or an elite 3 levels higher.

Multiple targets - one gets VT+SW:Pain, one gets DP+SW:Pain, the rest get SW:Pain alone. MB the one with VT to get a bit of mana back, then spam mind flay. Once you get Shadowy Apparitions, you can dot 'em up and run around to see your ghosts splash into 'em, but that doesn't really seem any faster than standing there mind flaying. Uses less mana, though.

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