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So I got my monk her cloak tonight, making that my third toon with one - for those of you with alts, how many times have you gone through the legendary questline? Do you think you'll keep doing it on other toons?

Me, I think threes my limit. I got it on the three toons I play the most, so I think I'm good. :D What about you all? :D
I don't feel the need to do it on all of them. I might try to finish it on my second 'playalt', but beyond that.... I think one was well enough for me.
1 was my limit.

I'd gladly do more if not for the Black Prince rep.

Not having rep account wide is honestly the dumbest alt-unfriendly move Blizzard's made, IMO.
One is plenty for me, and I have a load of alts. I just got so bored with it on this one character that I fell behind. I can't imagine doing it any more times than that.
i did one for alliance, one for horde

that was more than enough
Just my main. I might have done it on my favorite alt if not for the rep and the valor part.
I'd gladly do more if not for the Black Prince rep.

Which is more or less the reason why I'm done. Three times with that was enough for me, lol.
I blew off the quest line until recently. I'm working on my first cloak now and can't imagine going for additional cloaks on my alts....
completed it once and started it on 5 toons, 3 of them are currenlty upto the secrets and tbh i cant be bothered dragging them through the abysmal LFR and most runs for TOT end after ji-kun on oQ and openraid.
I couldn't even be bothered doing it once
Once is enough for me this expansion.
Did on my main, working on it on this toon and three others at present. I have another four I'm not sure about, and two I'm definitely NOT getting it for.

Easy solution for Black Prince rep: get the uber guild battle standard, go out to Isle of Thunder, kill the mogu at that courtyard in the center of the island. 50-something rep per mogu killed, 63 rep per mogu statue killed. I did that on the four toons currently on the cloak quest (including this one) and was exalted in five hours each time. Want it to go by even faster? Take 2-4 friends to make the revered to exalted stretch go by even more quickly.
I couldn't even be bothered doing it once

But the Cloak of Tedious Attunement looks awesome!
None of my alts run anything harder than Flex, so they don't need the legendary.
I'd gladly do more if not for the Black Prince rep.

honestly, I knocked that out in about 2 hours from neutral to exalted.

I think I will stop at 3. My Monk is hoping to get her meta gem today. This druid is still on the valor. My main has had hers since day 1 of 5.4.

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