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Moon Guard
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Whether from messages tacked to various announcement boards or missives barked by criers, the message of this order could be heard of throughout the various domains of the Alliance.

The War in the North has cost many their homes, lives, and families. Yet, there are some who still remain. Groups of stalwart warriors, willing to give their lives to defend what was once sacred; what was once home to many.

Though Lordaeron rots with the filth of undeath, Arathor lays in squalor with an absentee king and bickering nobles, Gilneas remains united in its cause. While we have not yet tasted victory, it is within these lands that deliverance will come for the rest of the northern kingdoms, and a new dawn will shine over the reaches.

From the Headlands of Gilneas, the Blades of Greymane arise to meet the call, a re-establishment order with the goals of revitalizing our once great nation in order to bring a brighter future for our children and our people in the coming days. In addition to the Blades, the various lords and ladies of the Headlands have come together under this banner, to offer a new home to those who have lost their with the plaguing of the rest of the nation. This once isolated region houses towns and villages for those that wish to restart their life, and all they ask in return is your service to the cause.

The call goes out to all those willing to carry the banner of Gilneas. Whether in peace or war, our nation calls out for your aid. Together, we can bring the north to an even more prosperous time than it was in years past.

Glory to Gilneas.

-Marcher Lord Berenal Grayblade.
The Blades of Greymane are a Gilnean re-establishment guild (Level 25) with an emphasis on lore, military, political, and story based roleplay. The Blades stem from a military regiment of the same name that was made mostly defunct following the invasion of Gilneas by the Forsaken.

To meet this end, the Blades, while remaining primarily Gilnean at heart, have opened their doors to non-Gilneans willing to carry the banner of Gilneas and the Blades to rebuild and fight for the Alliance in the nation's name. As of late, focus has turned inward to ensure Gilneas is finally re-established as a world might once again.

In addition to the military aspect of the guild, a political side exists as well through the ongoing storyline of the Headlands nobility, which has banded together under the banner of the Blades as a means of revitalizing not only their lands, but Gilneas as a whole. This gives the guild several branches for those interested; especially those with a penchant for political or noble role play within Gilneas.

On an out of character level, the Blades were founded early Cataclysm and have kept to our roots of mature and respectable RP since its inception. Putting our foundations first, the Blades stayed mostly silent until near the end of the expansion, coming forward into the server light in a greater way once we'd secured a loyal base of officers and members.

Since our return to the server's view, the Blades have been an active participant in many server wide events, as well as collaborating alongside various other guilds in order to bring about some larger cooperative events and share the fun.

We've been able to maintain a very laid back OOC attitude, while keeping a serious IC attitude when it comes down to our role play.


We expect from our members the following:
-Moderate grasp of the concept of RP.
-Activity. (If you join then never show up again for about a month or two without telling anyone you're going away or something, Don't expect to be in guild still.)
-The ability to take a joke when given.
-No drama allowed. (We have a zero tolerance policy on drama, The occasional disagreements occur, but when it starts to get racial/sexist expect a demotion or G-kick.)
-Respect for not only officers but fellow members of all ranks both IC and OOC. While story wise we know some folks might not get along, don't carry this into OOC. Keep IC to IC and OOC to OOC.

Character Requirements:
Race Requirement:
As stated previously, due to the roughshod condition of Gilneas and a desire to bring Gilneas further into the Alliance fold, the Blades have opened their doors to non-Gilneans that are willing to carry the banner of Gilneas and the Alliance.

Level Requirement:
Level 20 required. Death knights are a level 65 requirement. I rarely make exceptions.

How to Join

In order to join the Blades you must go through a two step process.

First you must apply here at:

From there you'll go through a short application process that will help us get a better grasp of you and your character. Assuming all goes well and your app is approved, you will be contacted as soon as possible in game for an IC interview.

We will arrange an IC interview where we will get a taste of your role playing skills. Once again, successful completion of the OOC application does not mean you are ensured a place in the guild, should your character's goals not match up with the Blades' ICly, your character is unable to properly answer the questions provided, or if your role playing skills are sub-par, you will be turned away.

If the IC interview goes well, your character will be inducted into the Blades and provided with some basic means of communication with the rest of the guild, as well as their uniform if any are available.
Guild events are often held multiple times across the week depending on the officer who plans them. Standard guild events are often found Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. These events are not always consistent and may alternate weeks, it is always a wise idea to make a habit of checking one's calendar, as event dates may be shifted should a real life issue arise.

Our event types range from the following:

D&D Events, we have multiple roll systems you can find posted up at our guild website. It is expected that people learn the roll systems so that when these events occur we can get started quickly. Most of our events are D&D, they often promote story and military movement for our guild's progression.

Free form/Objective based free form. These consist of a scenario being posed as the event progresses in which your character can be given a chance to react to. Alternatively, we also may have in character objectives and groups posed that must be completed ICly by the end of the event. Full creative freedom is given during these times within reasonable bounds of the scenario.

Recreational events, these occasionally pop up to give respite from the constant D&D. Whether it be a meeting on site or just off duty in Gregor's Crossing, they provide ways for the guild to meet up and role play together.

RP-PvP, as the name implies, PvP with a Horde guild based off the current storyline.

Attendance at events is looked at closely, to put it plainly, a private who attends each event and is active in the guild in other ways will rank up to corporal faster, as they have shown their worth. While a private who is semi-active in the guild but attends very few of our events will rank up much slower, as they have yet to prove themselves and their worth to the Blades.

IC, the Blades maintain a strict military standard, disobeying an order from a superior can result in a demotion until the behavior is rectified. If severe enough, demotion is not always enough and expulsion from the Blades may be deemed necessary. We are an RP guild first and foremost, and as such, one must expect that while you may follow the rules OOC, your character is expected to follow the rules IC. There are no exceptions to this rule.

You can contact these officers for more information.

Berenal, Adrian, Cedre, Lilurah/Isobel.

Divisions have been suspended until further notice, all training is merged and will be split into subdivisions.

Things to note:
-We DO offer non-combat roles, though they are limited and partaking in one may limit your ability to roleplay with the guild at certain events.


The uniform policy has been suspended in favor of a style rule. Armor should be dark/fitting with the Gilnean theme and style. At the very least, it is requested you wear a Gilneas or guild tabard if those are impossible.

More information can be found about the guild as well as various stories written by our members at our guild website.


The political story deals heavily with guild fanon. If this is not what you enjoy or if you find heavy fanon to be unenjoyable then this branch will likely not be for you.

The Political branch of the guild is still being worked on, but it focuses mainly on individual characters' various holdings within the Headlands area. Within our guild's fanon, the Headlands is split into three major regions, The Bite, which is led by Berenal, The Reach, which is led by the young Lord Greyfield and is regented in his stead by Lilurah, and The Range, which is led by Adrian.

Within these holdings, many lands have either been destroyed or are now left without a leader with their former holders having either abandoned the region or having died within the war against the Horde. This gives opportunist players who are savy enough to work their way up the ranks of nobility within the region through their service to the cause and by working under one of the three major lords.

Events in this branch typically range from meetings to various side storylines made by those involved that typically occur alongside the main guild story.


You can find our guild website at

You can apply directly here at

You can find out more about the Blades and their back story at the Blades of Greymane tag on the Moon Guard wiki.

Several other of our stories can be found scattered about, typically having to do with Gilneas. They can be found by reading into these various sections.
How do ranks work?

Ranks within the guild are represented in a different manner then one might expect.

One ranks up through participation within the guild's storyline, as well as being an active member of the guild in general. The hosting of meaningful storyline events when a main storyline is not going on is seen as a sign within the guild of your aptitude to handle and lead, both IC and OOC, and is a requirement past a certain rank.

Starting from highest to lowest, they are:
High Commander

The leader of the Blades. This is currently filled by Berenal and is seen as the end all of the chain of command. This rank is not obtainable by normal means.


Lord Commanders are the second highest rank in the guild. They are filled by the main officer core and have about the same power as the GM. Characters with this rank can answer any and all questions OOC. IC they are seen as just below the High Commander in positions of power, but hold enough sway to dictate decisions on their own. They have been entrusted to make these decisions without requiring the High Commander's approval.


The main officer rank that is obtainable through hard work. Scions are chosen on a case by case basis and will require the person exemplify what the guild is. A scion is seen as one of the higher ranking officials within the inner order and is recognized as a commander by all parties within the Blades and their affiliates.

Blade Champion

Blade Champions are the pinnacle of the guild's service. Typically knights or some sort of masterful tactician/warrior/spell weaver, these men and women are seen as the best of the best within the Blades' ranks and within the inner circle are seen as some of the most cherished people in service to the order. A blade champion must show the qualities expected within the guild, such as being able to lead on and off of the field, the ability to hold their own in combat, and a clear interest in the well being of their fellows. Blade champions are elevated on a case by case basis during a special ceremony and their numbers rank few.

Grey Knight

Grey Knights are members of the inner circle who have exemplified on and off the field and have been rewarded in some form. All Grey Knights are made Knights of Gilneas by one of the Lord-Commanders and are seen as some of the best and brightest just before the venerated Blade Champion.

Raven Ward

Raven Wards are those within the inner circle who have begun to show qualities expected of the elite of the Blades. Their expertise on the field as well as their ability to lead and manage during wartime has resulted in an elevation past the common rank of Blackguard. They uphold the oath of the order and live to serve and protect Gilneas.


Blackguards are the most common rank within the order. Following their swearing in by oath, a Blackguard is one who has proven their dedication to the order and confirmed the decision from their elevation into the inner circle was a sound one.

OOC, this is the highest rank one can obtain without hosting events of any kind.


Oathbound is the term used for those who have just been elevated into the inner circle by recommendation. They have been observed on the field to possess a higher than normal capability to handle themselves or have been observed to have a penchant for management. As the lowest rank of the inner circle, these members are seen to have not yet been proven as members of the elite.


Conscripts are seen as either mercenaries or outer circle members. Run of the mill soldiers who have not been seen to be a part of the core group, these members are valued but their inability to progress past the militant ranks has resulted in a lack of investment on their skills.
What is the Inner/Outer circle you keep mentioning?

The Blades of Greymane encompasses NPC soldiers into their ranks. To distinguish from these run-of-the-mill soldiers, PCs are typically seen as those who have proven beyond standard training to true mastery of their craft. While not all members of the guild are seen in this way (You begin in the guild as a conscript. You may also request to remain in that rank.), most PC members are. They are elevated past militant ranks into the elite core of the Blades, being the actual OOC guild, and are seen amongst the best. This elevation also allows for characters to command these NPC soldiers on the battle field, for who better than the elite?

What are the militant ranks?
They are:
These are standard military ranks and are typically reserved for those of the NPC. Those who wish to incorporate their characters fully into the guild's story are permitted use of these ranks prior to their elevation.
The storyline will be kicking up again soon folks, get ready.
how do you people live in that weather jfc
how do you people live in that weather jfc

Just carry a coat. When it's all bipolar cold put it on, when it decides it wants to be hot again just take it off.
How've you dogs been doing?
How've you dogs been doing?

Been doing well. Guild's grown quite a lot and story lines been going off without a hitch.
Onyx Knights meeting tonight at Light's Hand Keep on the island of Beau's Tooth.

(Shadowfang Tower, Grizzly Hills, Bloodmoon Isle.)
Wolve, wolves everywhere. Glad to see more of them.
Wolve, wolves everywhere. Glad to see more of them.

Glad to be around.


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I might have to reroll my rogue or my druid for this guild. They started in an RP guild on WrA then got transferred to a normal server when the guild went inactive. XD But I sorely miss the RP! *ponders*
I might have to reroll my rogue or my druid for this guild. They started in an RP guild on WrA then got transferred to a normal server when the guild went inactive. XD But I sorely miss the RP! *ponders*

Always taking more! Check our website out at tinyurl.com/bladesrecruitment.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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