Enchanted Fey Dragon

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I think it's really ugly lol, And it's a blizz store mount so... isn't special what so ever. Won't be buying it!
Same here.

*throws money at screen*

Take my money Blizzard!!!

This, lol.
i want it . . . :( damn error
Same.... oh well, mabye Changing color Fey Dragon as a mount isn't very manly for an orc.

You know you have a soft side.
I want it but I don't have money. :(
Think I'd rather buy the pet than that. Not sure I'll get either, though.

It's.. strange looking. But it does look better than the Celestial Steed and I was dumb enough to buy it.
This things going to be obnoxious in BGs.
There is a nice trailer for it here,

/drums fingers impatiently
I keep getting 500: Internal Server Error

The server encountered an unexpected condition. Please try again later.

when trying to buy it with the pet bundle, help??
I want it, and blizzard won't let me :/

take my money already!!!
Same here.

*throws money at screen*

Take my money Blizzard!!!

Why don't you throw it at the charity instead of enabling Blizzard to have microtransactions in a subscription based game.

/drums fingers impatiently

If only I could buy it...
Hang in there guys and the items that would have been way too hard for you to earn through in-game skill or determination will be available for purchase from mommy's credit card soon enough!

Hey now, it's my credit card...

All the rest you say is true.

Hmm I must have bought it before the rush.
edit: I can't be the only one who rofls everytime a new $$$$ item comes out and the kids in the LFR gear and plain gryphons make a mad scramble to have something cool like the big kids have.

Or it's a really nice looking mount and a lot of people collect mounts, so they need them all?
Hmm I must have bought it before the rush.


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