Why do YOU have two Paladins?

This is my 5th prot pally. 6 in total on this account but 1 was created back in TBC and hasn't been touched since.

Everytime my wife wants to level a new toon I'll create a tank. I just prefer pally's.
I have 3 at lv90 and 2 more at 85, and various low levels that I have used to help friends level toons
Originally I was a Human Paladin in Vanilla - when my guild folded into the big name zerg raid guilds is around the time I quit. When I came back, Burning Crusade was about to come out and Horde friends I'd made during a time when you could chat cross-faction with symbols convinced me to roll to their side. Grew to love being a Blood Elf and haven't changed since, though I really do miss my Human Paladin.
I never thought I would create a second paladin, but I recently began leveling horde toons and decided to make a horde character that is kind of a mirror of this toon, which has always been my main.

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