How do I stop rogue burst in PvP?

Hey Im gearing up a holy set because no one likes ret paladins and I kind of miss healing. But Im doing some bgs and these rogues are just straight murdering people in seconds. I was wondering if any pvp holy paladins can give me some tips on healing through this?
The best advice I can give you is: don't just try and outheal the damage. This isn't how you play a good PvP healer.

In your toolkit, you have a number of spells that can mitigate damage that a target is taking, and control the damage the Rogue is doing.

- Denounce is a nightmare for Rogues, because it makes it so they cannot crit.
- Hand of Protection makes a victim immune to physical damage. If they aren't using their biggest CD, Shadow Blades, this is practically invincibility against a surprise attack.
- Hand of Sacrifice goes a long way in mitigating burst damage, and should be one of your first instinctive things to cast on a team member that gets jumped on.
- Cleanse can be a viable alternative to Hand of Freedom, which you should use to get a target free of Crippling Poison and force the Rogue to use more mobility than necessary to remain on target.
- Stop the rogue in his tracks with any of your T2 talents. Fist of Justice is great because of the range, the effect, and the fact that it's instant makes it probably the best choice to deal with a surprise attack. Some like to roll with the other two options because it allows for more control overall, but you can't go wrong with an instant, ranged stun. If he uses his trinket on it, he's vulnerable to being locked down.

So, as you can see, it's not always about just outhealing damage received. If you can prevent damage from happening in the first place, there's no need to heal it up. Use your tools and win.
Glyph of divine protection, hand of protection the openers, don't be afraid to stun him/ use devo aura for a blind. if you bait a cloak from the blind, just stop casting and save it for after the next stun. use fear/rep well.

speed of light paired with hand of freedom out of a stun works very well.

fake cast well, and dont let paralytic poison stack up without dispelling it.
I'm no healer, but Sacred Shield's power isn't hindered by the % healing debuff that rogues have 100% uptime of, and it'll be up if they open up on you too.

A little trick: Freedom has been useable while stunned since WotLK because of the Ret getoutofstun talent we had and they haven't changed it yet, so you can get a free GCD of sorts casting that near the end of the stun, so when you're out of the stun you can start running at full speed (not like rogues can't catch up, but still useful perhaps for forcing the rogue to pop a cooldown, waste energy, or to get out of smoke bomb)

Fakecasting is a must-learn against rogues too, or they'll chain a stun right after the interrupt is over (addons can help a ton with interrupts)

Getting a blinding light, fear or a repentance off against a rogue will be hard, considering all their tools for gap closing to stop your casting, and even Fist/Hammer of Justice must be carefully timed not to hit a Cloak of Shadowed rogue (again addons are a big help), and do stun rogues if you feel like they're your nemesis.
Thanks a bunch for the advice guys, I appreciate it.

These are great tips :)
If a melee can interrupt one of your casts while Infusion of Light is active, then they have the fastest connection and fastest reflexes imaginable.

I think that works well with Selfless Healer at 2 stacks too, then I hardcast a FoL right after that or Fear/Repent
Just to counter what some of the people have said on here. Infusion procs will be kicked if you don't fake cast them, as mind numbing will slow those casts. The rogue will also gouge your devotion aura, so you probably won't get any free casts. If you do juke a kick, be ready for him to gouge your next cast and then stun or silence the one after that. If you are below 30% and the rogue is using mind numbing, your in a really bad spot, as if it is any good, he will shiv on mindnumbing for the 100% cast slow and kick your next cast... which will move very very slow even with infusion procs and by the time you fake it, your next cast won't make it in time.

Your best bet is to either HoJ him (when he doesn't have cloak of shadows up), fake a fear or blinding light and then actually hard cast it (this will fail though if he has cloak up still and he will cloak it likely), you can use your hand of freedom and speed of light and kite him through dk AoE or near a friendly mage who will usually freeze him to the ground by instinct. You can Devotion aura after a gouge to make him use up his stun DR and combo points.

Your main issue though is if he is sub and is using proc trinkets and double dancing steel. In this case he will just try blowing you up, so if you have the addon 'gladiatorlosSA' and hear it say 'shadowdance', that is queue for trinket his CC and use devotion aura and be ready to possibly have to bubble. I ran as a rogue last patch with the high proc build and can tell you that if you don't go defensive hard on my opener, your going to die fast. I literally destroyed druids in tree form from 100-0 in seconds and resto shammies. It is a one trick pony, but it is one that hurts and you can reset a lot in bgs and in 3s with a good partner.

Or HoP

Whatever its called now
If you take the fear talent, don't fear a rogue unless it's a must. Stun them instead. If you fear them, and nobody keeps attacking, they drop combat before the fear is over, and you've just given them free openers, again, which they will probably use on you this time.

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