Holy Paladin Judgement Macro

I recently switched to selfless healer and am trying to make a macro that will always use judgment on the target of my focus target. Could a more experienced macro maker help me out?

I currently use a macro that uses it ON my focus target, but on fights where the boss disappears it gets quite annoying to reset my focus target on the boss constantly.

If its possible to make it use judgment on the target of my focus target when I'm targetting a friendly, and just on my target if its an enemy, that would be even better.

Thanks in advance for the assistance!
/cast [@target,harm] Judgment
/cast [@focustarget,harm] Judgment
not sure why but that switches my target to the enemy when I use it.

What I am using right now is

/cast [@focustarget,exists,nodead][] Judgment

which works fine, unless the person set as my focus is out of range, which is why I would like the option of just using judgment on my target if it is an enemy. with this macro it just does nothing unless my focus is in range.

Is there an equivalent to [help] for enemies? My holy shock macro lets me use holy shock on any ally I target, or my focus if I dont have anyone targetted/an enemy targetted...basically making it impossible for me to accidently waste it as a nuke in a raid.
/cast [@focustarget,harm][]Judgment

[@focustarget,harm] = Use ability on my focus's target if the target is an enemy.
[] = Use ability normally if 1st condition does not apply (if no focus, if your focus is not targetting or targetting a friendly)

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