[H] Horns of the Shu'halo

Horns of the Shuhalo is an RP guild for Tauren characters only.

The guild is led by a figurehead: the Chieftain. This position is held by druid Kerala Windchaser.
She will be supported by the Tribal Chiefs (officers), elected leaders for each major tribe within the Horns. The Chieftain is usually also a Tribal Chief.
Each Chief may also designate seconds-in-command who support them, the Tribal Elders.
Members are encouraged to select a roleplaying tribe within the guild. Members who do so will hold the rank Tribal Horn, their tribe membership listed in public note.
Members who have not selected a tribe are called simply: Horns.
Those who have been invited to the guild but have not participated in any event, or been formally introduced will remain Initiates.
Members of any rank who do not log in for a period of 2 months or more will be demoted to an Inactive rank until they return to the game.

Current tribes include the Skytotem, Whitehorn and Snowfury [Inactive].
Tribe descriptions can be found in the General section of our guild website.

Horns of the Shuhalo is primarily a role-playing guild, but players love all aspects of the game. Raiding is definitely an interest, and the Horns used to be a PVP force to be reckoned with back in the day. We are rebuilding ourselves from nothing, but if there is an interest, we will pursue it as a guild if we can, and sometimes even if we can't. Tauren are known to be stubborn :)

We have a vault with several tabs for members to use.

A new guild website has been created at hornsoftheshuhalo.guildportal.com
If you have any questions that I neglected to address, please post them here or on the guild site, and we'll do our best to answer as soon as we can!

Walk with the Earth Mother.
The city was teeming with people, as cities usually were. Busy with their lives, they cooked, created, repaired, ate and drank, played games, sometimes fought.

Kerala soared above them all, delighting in the feeling of floating on the wind as a bird. Flying was Kerala's idea of absolute freedom- ungrounded with the whole of the world so far below her razor gaze, untroubling. The open sky above her was cloudless, a bright pretty blue with the shining eye of the Earthmother just reaching the height of its journey through the day. It was hot, but the heat was a welcome companion. Kerala floated without effort, circling in great columns of rising air from the flat spaces and metal roofs of the buildings below.

On the ground, a rather large Shu'halo messenger made his way slowly through twisting paths and walkways. Kerala watched his progress as if he were an ant working in a pile of them. This ant worked for her.

The large Tauren reached his goal- a large wooden board posted in sight of most of the major buildings in that area. Already covering the board were papers and hides with various styles of writing on them. Warchief's commands were the biggest, taking up a lot of space and written in large bold orcish letters. Delicate elven scripts decorated smaller notices. Frank and precise goblin advertisements scattered everywhere, many covering over other notes without regard. Nails, small tacks, and glue residue held it all together, this public notice board.

The Tauren snorted. This business of writing everything was cumbersome and unseemly. The board was ugly. Towering over the board, he bent his head down and searched for an appropriate place to add the patch of kodo hide he carried. He found a section with several copies of the same goblin ad pasted on like the paper they loved to decorate walls with. The patch of hide was of a size to cover all of them but one.

Satisfied, the large Tauren withdrew from his satchel the rolled hide message, a shard of carved horn, and a small mallet. He unrolled the message and pierced the top through with the sharp tip of the horn. Now holding the pierced message by the horn, he placed it where he wished. Eyeing the message to be sure it hung where he intended, the large Tauren took the mallet, toy-like in his hand, and beat once upon the board. Then he stepped back to appraise his work.

The hide, unrolled, hung true from the horn tack without wanting to roll. It would not flap overmuch in the little wind that might come through. The Shu'halo letters were large and bright, simple and easy to discern from a small distance away. As required, the orcish translation was included, in a darker ink and very small script at the bottom. A casual observer would not notice it from a proper distance, they would have to step close. The note was high on the board, easier for his people to notice. He wondered how the goblins had gotten up there.

Satisfied, he slowly stepped back and began the trek out of the city. His satchel now held only the mallet and a goblin-writ note, which he had been told would allow him to withdraw the agreed-upon amount of rare ore from the vaults in Thunder Bluff. He himself could not read, but he knew it was signed with the goblin's name, Grizthok. If there was any doubt, he'd mention that name and the vault's owner, Kerala Windchaser. Thinking of the woman who'd hired him, he looked up and scanned the sky. Directly above him, a large brown storm crow had been gliding high. As he found it, the bird made a roll, uncharacteristic for a natural bird. He then watched as Kerala flew higher, until his eyes lost the speck of her in the hazy distance.

The note written upon clean fresh kodo hide reads in simple Taure'he symbols:

Brothers, sisters!

Horns of the People is reborn, We gather strength. All People welcome. Honor to the Earth Mother, pride to The People. Family. Friendship. Home. Join now!

Kerala Windchaser
Skytotem Tribe

In orcish, the text reads:

Men and women of the Shu'halo!

Horns of the Shu'halo has been reborn, and we are gathering strength. All members of the Shu'halo are welcome to join. We will honor the Earthmother, and bring pride to her Children. With us you may find friends, a place you can call home, and people like family. Contact us today!
I'm not up on a lot of Lore but I must say this is making it more difficult for me NOT to roll a Tauren and give it a shot lol.

How RP fluent do I need to be if I try this? I am interested for sure :)
Traditionally the Horns welcomed all Tauren and many recruits were beginning roleplayers. We really just love the game, and we can help get you started if you're willing to give it a try. All you need is an imagination and an open mind :) Typing skills in the not-horrible range is good too!
Well then let me think on a class :) I think I know the race already lol
Good luck with the guild!
Dagnabit, where's the beef??

Welcome Wolfskycloud!!

We're still recruiting folks, come join us!

I promise I won't try to stab you. >.> <.<
Still recruiting!
Come be my friend.

Welcome back Hruf!
Welcome to Bakwa and Soupy as well!
Hmm, goodbye Soupy.

I'm not kidding folks. We are literally starting from nothing, and I do make sure that I tell you this before recruiting. Don't let that stop you from seeking us out! The Tauren race tends to attract really awesome people, so come be part of our family!

Welcome Buttercream!
Welcome Chaosreborn!
Welcome Nrautke!
Welcome Unimog!!
A previous Horn has returned to us, welcome Trysus/Onen!

We're a level 22 guild now, whoohoo!
Anyone looking to join and help us rebuild the Horns can also contact me in-game to be added to the roster.
An off-server bump for our cousins here on Ravenholdt.

Although we are over on VeCo, the two guilds plan on sharing some unique RP (and rp/pvp) events over the summer.


(Bring Your Own Oats)
Just make sure that for the PvP ones you give Allies some notice. Otherwise it will likely be RP-PvE.
Will our next new member be from Ravenholdt? ....or Twisting Nether?
Stay tuned!
Welcome Scraya-TwistingNether!!!
Welcome back Rarahn Whitehorn!
Thank you, Kerala. I am glad to be back among my brothers and sisters. I hope I can do my best to bring in more tauren to the Horns once more.
Bump for this excellent tribe!
Thank you Stonzgrinda.
I feel the need though to point out though- we are not one tribe, but many. My goal is to keep our people united and strong. We've faced many challenges, and I know there are many to come.
The banner was beautiful.

Kerala watched the light fabric flap gently in a passing breeze. The totem icon in the center rippled. Lomani's stitching was flawless, as always, and minute details of the totem's design blurred until the wind stilled and let the flag hang straight once more. Kerala couldn't help but see a frowning face in the totem's empty space. She smiled, wondering what the seamstress would think if Kerala ever mentioned the grumpy totem. She looked again at the letter carefully written in Taurahe characters, the symbols so small that Kerala was glad for the bright sun shining above.

Chieftain Windchaser,
Here is the new banner to match our tabards. I think it came out quite well, and I hope seeing this standard will change your mind about the colors...

Kerala hadn't been completely sold on Lomani's choice of redesign. She liked to think that she wasn't particularly vain, but the white tunic bordered by a bright teal stripe around the blood-red symbol took some getting used to. It clashed horribly with her simple blue everyday dress, as well as the official outfit that Kerala had been wearing more and more. The gloves, spaulders and feathered headdress were becoming less of a nuisance. More comfortable.

The colors and icon had been the result of Kerala's suggestion, to honor Cairne. She had never known the Chieftain of the Bloodhoof tribe, but the scar of his sudden death was evident in many of the Shu'halo. The wound was visible at the mention of his name, or the respectful glances directed down toward Red Rocks whenever someone rode the zeppelin to the orc capital. Kerala shared Cairne's vision of a united Shu'halo people. It had seemed right to her that the dusty brown tabards, sporting a symbol vaguely resembling a tauren head in a mossy green, be replaced. After all, she had not ever found the Horns she was looking for, she'd resurrected a name and was winging it on her own.

Lomani had taken Kerala's suggestion and brought it to vivid life. No longer were the tabards dark and easily mistaken for million of others out there. No- the tunics screamed out “Horns of the Shuhalo” with brilliant white fabric. In sharp contrast and clean lines were the red totem sigil and bright turqoise border. The colors of the Bloodhoof. Cairne's colors. The Horns colors. Beneath the customary stripe of runes, the totem icon had two blank spots at the top representing An'she and Mu'sha. Lomani was very devoted to the Earth Mother. A squiggle arch beneath those two Eyes portrayed the vast sky, and there was a bold zigzag lower still representing mountains, or the great earth. The lower stripe of letters completed the totem, and there were marks angling up from the base, as if the totem had just been hurled proudly into the ground.

It was this proud flag that sang out the rightness of her decision to make the change. In this form, the colors were perfect, the totem was clear. There was no doubt that here stood a Horn of the Shuhalo, honoring Cairne and what he stood for. Lomani had shared ideas for more complex designs, and Kerala knew that they would all be amazing.

She folded Lomani's letter and tucked it into a pocket, then began carefully packing away the pretty new banner. Her mind began thinking of events and excuses to show off the bright new colors, and she smiled.

((We earned a guild standard!! Yippee!!!!))

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