[A] <Clarity> Cataclysm- Pro 25 PvE/Rated BGs

Guild Recruitment
Hello everyone,

<Clarity> is a new alliance guild focusing on excelling in Cataclysm.
Server Transfers and Faction Transfers are welcome!

Why should you join us?

We are the premiere US Timezone Raiding Guild and Rated BG Guild on Alliance.
-We want to have a relaxed and efficient raid week, no more than 3 or 4 days raiding.
Raiding should be fun not a full time job.
-Currently we plan on a 25 player raid. But, depending on the week and player's IRL schedules we may have multiple 10mans on off-weeks.
-We want to focus on PvP on our free time excelling in arena and Rated BGs, fielding the strongest team(s) Alliance has to offer.
-Raid times have yet to be set in stone but most of our players are PST players. We plan on a raid time start after 8:30PM PST.

What we have to offer:
-ALL 8 current gladiators from Season 8 on Alliance
-15+ Gladiators including previous/current/multi-gladiators.
-Over 20 players with 2600+ arena experience in all arena brackets.
-Original members from Blackrock's first Grand Marshal (Miaka) BG Team (HitSquad)

On our PvE side we have a wide range of players with experience and success from WOTLK:
-Undying and Immortal Naxxramas 10/25 (Pre-Ulduar Patch, Server First)
-Tribute to Insanity TOC 10 (Alliance 1st)
-Glory of the Raider Drakes from every instance in WOTLK 10/25, (Naxx, Ulduar, ICC)
-Bane of the Fallen King and Light of the Dawn ICC HEROIC 10/25 respectively
-Ruby Sanctum 10/25 HEROIC Kills (10man Alliance 1st)

We want players of all interest groups

We want friends, PvPers, Hardcore PvErs, and even casuals. The aim of this guild is to be successful in PvE and PvP and have members who will enjoy wanting to log in to play WoW may it be in a BG, Raid, or Arena.

What kind of players are <Clarity> looking for?

-Social and easy to get along with
-Casual members
-People looking for a fresh start/new server
-2400+ arena experience
-Previous Gladiators/Current Gladiators
-PvE Superstars
-Players interested in becoming the foundation of a new and exciting powerhouse Alliance guild for Cataclysm

Speak with Amarille, Appointed, or Scuzz about the guild or apply at www.claritybr.com
raid times?
Interested in a Fury (or prot tank if guild needs) Warr, and a Huntard. Highly experienced. Only catch is we CANNOT raid wed. let me know
Bump--Website is listed above.

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