Is tailoring still the best prof @ 85?

Hey guys, i was just wondering if tailoring would still be the best profession @ 85 for mages, and whether or not i should bother leveling it now.
Will it still offer the best dps increase?
Also, tailoring/x for pvp/pve?
what should x be?

According to Elitist Jerks engi will be the best mage profession by far with Cata's current setup. Tailoring is second.

Tailoring enchant averages out to a passive +88 intellect, compared to the standard +80 stats (+82 JC) from other professions. The cloak enchant even gets a little bit better when you figure in the power of stacking cooldowns/procs.

Engi glove enchant averages to +96 intellect, and then there are other utility perks like rocket boots and the stat-stacking of engi helms (helms may get outdated quickly though).

Edit: That's in terms of min/max stats. Tailoring will have some obvious advantages in the first month or so with the 359 craftable gear. Although I guess those epic pieces are BoE, so that shouldn't matter if you're willing to fork over some extra gold or you have a tailoring friend.

My mage has been Tailoring/engi for ages now and I wouldn't recommend anything else :)
Thanks alot man, i really appreciate that :)
I know what elitest jerks says... but they only take into consideration the statistical buffs associated with the gear perks.

I am heavily contemplating going with Engineering and Alchemy.... but for different reasons.

I plan to stay Arcane... and though the benefit may be minimal, the additional potency of Mana Potions you recieve from Alchemy, coupled with the additional potency you recieve from Mana Injectors as an Engineer, should nearly double the potency of Mana Potions in combat. And, for Arcane... Mana = Damage.

Couple that with the usual perks of the profession, and voila!

That will of course depend on whether Engineering has a Mana Injector equivalent in Cata.

I would have expected leatherworking to rank up there since there doesn't seem to be a spellpower enchant for bracers anymore. Leatherworking gives you 130 int instead of 65 crit or haste.

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