Trouble with Trap macros? Look here...

This is my solution to the too-many-clicks problem of using trap launcher in a timely manner, especially in PvP but this works great in any scenario.

(Before we proceed, it's important to note that there is no one-click solution at this time. That may certainly change in a future patch depending on the whim of the devs at Bliz, but for now that is the reality. So at this time I'm using the following solution.)

First, bind Trap Launcher to a handy key; I prefer 'T' but use whatever's most comfortable for you.

Second, create the following macro:
/cast [mod:shift,mod:alt] Ice Trap; [mod:shift] Snake Trap; [mod:alt] Immolation Trap(Fire); [mod:ctrl] Explosive Trap; Freezing Trap

Place the macro somewhere on your action bars and bind that button to a key. Yes, this setup requires two keybinds to work effectively, but just trust me. I have the macro bound to one of my mouse's extra buttons; if you have such a mouse, I'd bind this macro to a key you won't bump by accident but can reach in a pinch. If you've got something like a Razor Naga or Logitech G700, you might even just bind both the macro and Trap Launcher to mouse buttons. Or anywhere on the keyboard, again wherever it's comfortable for you.

How the macro works:
Hit the key to place a Freezing Trap; shift+key = Snake Trap; alt+key = Immolation; ctrl+key = Explosive; shift+alt+key = Ice Trap. You can see what each combo of modifiers does by holding them down without hitting the key. This may of course take some getting used to, but it's worth it in the end for quick spell selection. If you're comfortable with macros, you can easily rearrange the traps to accommodate different modifier combinations instead of the way I have 'em arranged.

How this whole setup works:
Hit the key you bound for Trap Launcher, then hit the key for the trap macro (including modifier keys depending on which trap you want); your targeting reticule will appear, and you're all set! You can do this very rapidly - though not TOO fast of course or you'll step on TL, which seems to take at most about half a second.

Practice with it, you don't need a test dummy or target, you can practice while sitting in Dal if you want. With a little practice you can very quickly get 3 traps out in rapid succession.

I'll try to answer any questions before the white russians start kicking in. Happy trapping!

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