Holy Paladins no longer Mana pool Kings?

Anyone on the Beta know if Holy Paladins will have the largest mana pools out of the healers? I know its purely a number, but I'm just curious :)

Right now my Disc Priest (this toon) has almost 2k more mana unbuffed than my Holy Paladin (Königsgarde in same guild) with similar gearscore. And whats funny is my pally is gemmed straight for intellect, where I was going for the socket bonuses on my Priest.
Well 1809 to be exact :X
Dunno about your question, but I do remember laughing once 4.0 came out when I lost 2k mana and my HP jumped by around 10k I think.

I also LOVE the reasoning behind the devs saying... I am going to potentially word this wrong because its from memory, but when they increased stamina across the board they didn't do it as much/or for tanks because "tanks gem for stamina"... really, lol.

Thinking to deeply about their reasoning makes my head hurt :P
I've seen Druids with 120K as they have talents for more mana Paladins don't I'm pretty sure most Holy Paladins I have seen are around the 100-110K mark.

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