Pet Battles

Stall (not hard since he rarely attacks)
Better yet: Get a Zandalari Kneebiter... Black Claw + Hunting Party and Blood Fang if it's still alive. You finish him un 3-4 turns.
Lil bad wolf or Curious Wolvar pup. Both are humanoid, and so take reduced damage from his attacks, and have strong beast damaging moves.
Eh chrominus with howl,ravage, and bite does it quicker :P
Kun-Lai Runt or Zandalari Anklerender as both can easily solo Yi. As an added bonus, they can also take out Ka'wi the Gorger quite easily, too.
Lil Bad Wolf.
why take 16 rounds when you can just take 5?

I just used my curious wolvar pup the whole time with Kun Lai runt and another pet in reserve..
I fight Lucky Yi with a S/S bread Alpine Foxling. Dazzling Dance, Howl, Bite twice and Yi's dead.
I am quickly discovering, having just leveled my Pandaren Water Spirit, that the Water Spirit/Chrominus combo wrecks just about any of them. Maybe there's some exceptions but I haven't found any yet.
I just use a B/B fox.

Dance, howl, bite twice (unless he kills me). If hes not dead, pull out chrom and ravage.
Another fan of the Kun-Lei Runt here. I pair him with a Fjord Worg Pup in case RNG is cruel to me that day. Quick and clean.
Alpin fox did win this, almost, Yi heals himself a lot, sometime, fought him twice, used my second animal to finish,25 Lair Runtt,
This sub-forum has got to be the worst when it comes to thread necros...
07/04/2014 10:26 AMPosted by Hina
This sub-forum has got to be the worst when it comes to thread necros...

Don't knock it.

I'm guessing that without this necro you'd have never heard of the Lair Runtt.

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