Justice Point gear

I am about to hit 90 and will have near the JP cap.
What gear should I buy?
I could get several pieces of lvl458 gear or just a few lvl489.

Why I don't know what to go with is because I am not sure about how hard it is to get to the item lvl requirements to get into heroic dungeons, which I want to be able to do soon.
Also I am not sure how fast this gear will be replaced with better gear from raids.

So should I go for the lvl458 gear just to get into and able to do heroic dungeons?
Or should I start working on the lvl489 gear?
Justice Points are basically worthless for gearing up a fresh level 90 character, because the Timeless Isle drops level 496 gear like free candy at a parade.

To be honest, I would either use it for heirlooms or something fun, or perhaps convert it to Honor and get a start on my PvP set. The Honor gear is also level 496 so during the brief hours you will spend on the Timeless Isle getting fully geared, you can fill gaps with it.
Not true, a fresh 90 may have troubles with some of the mobs on the isle and any gear helps. The jp gear is guaranteed while drop on the isle are no. You can buy the timeless gear from vendors, but farming coins can take a while. Basicly once you hit 90, just grab what ever you can get your hands on the fastest. I got my monk to 512 ilv in a week, just chain ran dungeons after doing all the lfrs. At the end of the week I did some flex.
When you are fresh 90, go to timeless and get all the little chests. Do some of the baser quests like exploring the island while you are at it. Convert any armor type pieces you get and equip them as you go.

I got all the timeless pieces I am wearing in one day. Fill in slots you did not get with justice or valor gear.
There's some 489/496 that's worth buying for JP, but mostly you should just focus on getting 496 timeless isle gear.
What Cayse said, spend your justice on the epics, don't even bother with the 458 gear it's really just not worth it (it was barely worth it at the start of the expac). Fill in the rest of your gear slots from timeless isle gear, heroic scenario epics, and/or farming justice in 5mans to buy more of the 489 gear. Then move onto the various LFRs as you qualify for them.

You could also hit up crafters for pvp gear.

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