Dinged 90 and do i just farm timeless isle

just dinged 90 as a prot pala and was wondering should i just grind the coins in Timeless Isle or what? and what fractions are worth doing
Do the chests. Google for a timeless isle chest map.


Requires HandyNotes base module.Run around to the icons on the minimap and enjoy your free loot.
thank you
Personally I would just bite the bullet and pvp, kill pvp rares and do Thunder Isle dailies to get PVP gear.

Fighting on the timeless isle is ok I guess but it would take forever to get the gear you need. I get pvp gear on my characters to start with and do LFR to gear up after that and use Burdens to upgrade armour pieces like bracers, boots, belts, rings, cloak and neck.

Obviously if you already have the BOA timeless gear via another character use that and fill in with pvp gear.
tbh if u want to tank switch to ret ( as in loot spec) when you change timeless gear when supplementing for LFR gear etc, haste is the stat you want.

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