A question on the ret pally stat priority PVE

So, let me start off with I have read many guides (icy-veins, noxxic, mmo-champion, etc.), but I am still a little confused on the ret pally stat priority. While reading these guides it says (for the secondary stats) haste>mastery>=crit. I have read many forum posts, but i am a little concerned these are outdated, or just wrong information all together. My understanding, and correct me if it is wrong, is to stack haste until around 40%, then you can either take the road to mastery, or crit. I have heard that if i am able to get my hands on the trinket dropped my Thok, then it is more beneficial for my dps if i go crit after haste. Is this true? If so, is it worth going for Thok's trinket just to stack crit, or is mastery better than crit even if you have Thok's trinket to amplify the crit damage? Thank you in advance for your help, hopefully this can be cleared up.
Its worth going after Thok's trinket regardless of which way you plan to go. It and the galakras trinket are bis by a wide margin. Grog can probably answer better but afaik, at least where simulations are concerned, the thok trinket at best brings crit on par with mastery.
There's no definitive, concrete method on how to gear right now - which, to me, is pretty great as it could, potentially, breed some interesting diversity. Of course, people are sheep and basically just blindly following one very loud opinion on the subject.

The "generally accepted" method of breaking haste-stacking at 40% is dependent entirely on having 4pT16, which bloats our ST rotation by adding DS into the mix. I was on the fence about this for a very long time, but as I've recently acquired 4pT16, I feel it is a valid approximation; I, personally, have seen abyssmally few procs out of the stupid set bonus, but I'm still keeping my haste around the 40% mark as a precautionary measure. Going to 50%, however, is still a valid method, since the 4pT16 has such a relatively terrible proc chance to begin with.

After that, it depends largely on whether or not you have Thok's trink. With the ridiculously inflated item levels we've been reaching of late, mastery's been pulling farther ahead of crit than it was this time last year, and mastery is also a solid and reliable stat. However, if you have Thok's, crit's value comes back up to, at the very least, match mastery's value - depending on the rest of your gear, crit may in fact exceed mastery.

I, personally, am leaning more towards crit for now (well, once I get Thok's, anyway >_<) because crit benefits all our damage, while mastery benefits a small amount of our offensive abilities - but, yes, mastery does still account for a very large portion of our total damage output. Since HoL procs are entirely dependent upon the initial hit, though, more crit means bigger base hits for even bigger mastery procs. Crit is also the only secondary stat to directly impact our L90 talents, and the damage of our legendary items (though haste does affect the RPPM of the cloak and meta!).

So, really what you need to do, is get Thok's Tail and 4pT16, play around with it all, and decide what you're most comfortable with.
Download Simcraft, it's a nice program to figure out stat weights based on your gear.

I'm running Simcraft after each major upgrade and at 552 item level Haste seems to be just a tiny little bit ahead of Crit and Mastery. And those give me headache because if I reforge one into another (if can't into haste), the other goes ahead in weight. But I still prefer mastery, because it is constant buff to damage.

Although I was unlucky to get SoO trinkets, so my ilvl can be taken with grain of salt.
Yah, sounds good. Im going to ru some tests and see what works out best. Thanks all for your input and advice.

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