Lack of Survivability

I'll admit that this is an alt, but I seem to have no survivability at all outside of a raid, either as prot or holy.

I would think as a tank I would be able to take lots of damage, but if I do, I can't heal myself fast enough to keep up. Also, since I have crap for dps, fights go on forever; ergo, I take more damage over a longer period of time. At least in holy I can heal myself.

It's strange that I seem to have about the same dps in either spec.
Holy is really bad for doing things solo, and prot's damage is very, very bad (also healing) if you don't have a decent amount of vengeance which means pulling a lot of things at once... though no single mob should really be any kind of threat to you.

Neither are damage specs, so neither do very good damage.
I know that ret is the dps spec. I was ret a long time ago, but I just was not enjoying it when I was in lfr. I switched to holy and have really enjoyed holy. I also enjoy tanking when I get to do it. I like the rotation of prot better than ret. I know that doing dailies as prot will take longer since the dps is so low. I just want to be able to survive while doing them. Maybe it's just that Timeless Isle is not very forgiving, but I always try to avoid everything when I am there.
Timeless Isle elites all have you-have-to-avoid-this-or-you-die mechanics. Being prot means they won't kill you, but if you're not avoiding them you'll spend all your time trying to out-heal that damage.

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