Gearing holy

so I'm gearing my holy spec for PvE (I pvp as ret) and I've been running heroics/timeless isle/jerkin off since i got up and I took at look at the 522 valor trinket and I honestly dont think it's that good

its 1467 intellect and an ability to restore 29805 mana with a 3minute cooldown. Not only does that number look stupid and should just be 30k, but it doesn't seem up to par with any other trinket with base spirit and some other proc/ability.

idr know what I'm talking about so if someone could tell me this is worth something or if I should spend my valor on something else, I'd appreciate it
Get the timeless isle one and do normal tot or something for horridon's trinket, if not raid finder Siegecrafter or something for a better one.

No reason to use valor on 522 gear at this point.
Depends on your chance to get a good trinket, personally I was still using it(upgraded to 530) until I get my trinks from SoO. The timeless isle trink is not that good if you're constantly having mana problems.

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