Tank problem. Help if you are feeling helpful

I just hit 90 about 2 weeks ago and have been gearing since then and have had no problems in Dungeons, Heroic Dungeons, beginner LFR. I have learned the whole rotation of a pally as well as their gearing,sockets,enchants and reforging. I got enough Ilvl to que for SoO LFR and when in I seem to have problems taking to much damage and I have yet to find out why, I stack haste and am exp/hit cap and building up the haste as i get more gear which is hard for me because I take to much damage. Again I know the pally rotation so that can't be a problem, IF anyone could help me that would be very much appreciated also helpful for future tanking in LFR/Flex.

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read my post and even more thanks to who responds. Any advice or tips will be helpful. Again thank you :)
Without seeing a log we can only guess, but it's probably low eternal flame or shield of the righteous uptime.
What kind of log, I can try and provide?
From world of logs, its a website that you can upload combat parses onto, and it will give deatailed breakdown of anything that happens during a fight.
You're making 1 major mistake: You're wearing a lot of tanking gear. You might be gemming for haste but you're wearing a lot of pieces with double avoidance stats on them which are pretty much useless for prot pallies.. Really if gear has haste, you're gonna want to wear it even if it has a 'useless' 2nd stat like critical strike on it.The trick is to change loot specialization to "Retribution" to every LFR/Flex boss except those that drop 1 handed weapons, shields, or tanking trinkets. For Siege, my recommendation is to keep loot spec at protection for only the following bosses:
Nazgrim, Malkorok, Garrosh, Siegecrafter

I'd recommend trying to find a ToT normal group on oQueue or open raid and at least kill Horridon for a chance at the + 1600 Haste trinket (you should use 1000 timeless coins to buy a Mogu rune on the island for an extra chance to get that piece).

Having more haste increases your survivability, giving you higher shield of righteous uptime, more EF heals, and more self-heals. Really haste is your number 1 dps and survivability stat.
You say that you're hit and exp capped, but from what I see you have 11.45% hit and only 4.41% expertise, those are both WAY off. You should have 7.5% hit and 15% expertise.

Also, I'm sorry but if you are having noticeable survival issues in LFR SoO a 517 ilevel then the issue has to be execution. Even in all dodge/parry gear and just reforging/gemming for haste you still shouldn't find yourself having noticeable issues if playing properly. Are you using Seal of Insight? Are you keeping EF up (with 3hopo) whenever it's about to fall off? Using Divine Protection pretty much on cd? You're not wasting hopo by sitting on your SotR or generators when you're at 5?

Honestly, at your ilevel, even with all the dodge/parry gear you shouldn't be having issues with LFR. Unless all of the healers are just really bad/sleeping/dpsing.

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