need help with rt dps

I need advice from ret paladins. I'm still new to the game and my dps is always really bad. (according to those complaining in dungeon groups) I follow the noxxic/icy veins guide rotation and I only do 8.8% dps... what am I doing wrong?

current rotation:
Noxxic is bad; don't use it. Ever. Also, a screenshot of your bar is not a rotation/priority. The priority you should be following, currently, is:

TV > HoW > Exo > CS > J

For future reference:
Harsh Words until 400+ ilvl weapon > HoW > Exo > CS > J
Ehh, HW until you get a 400+ stick seems excessive; pretty sure TV was doing better after gaining mastery when I leveled this second Paladin, but I'll freely admit I wasn't paying attention.

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