Holy - Higher end gear & EF build

So my guild has 3 holy paladins in our 25 man guild, 2 are running the SH/mastery stacking build & I am running the EF/int stacking build.

I personally enjoy playing the EF build more & I feel that it works better to have us playing different builds.

A few weeks ago I was able to hit the 10,867 haste breakpoint though gear & gemming. I was expecting to see a fairly decent hps increase, however ever since I reached it I feel like im pulling either about the same or lower hps than I was pre 10,867.

My question is, is 10,867 breakpoint worth it? Or should I go back to the 7,170 breakpoint and invest more stats into mastery?

heres a link to our logs & im pretty sure for all of them im at the 10,867 breakpoint.

I don't think you have the spirit for the 10867 breakpoint and honestly I would really only ever use that for heroic malkorok.
I like it. I think part of the problem is that you only have 11k spirit. To optimize the rotation, you really need around 15 - 16k spirit + one regen trinket. Having a resto shaman with mana tide helps.

Also, what other healers do you have? In term of raw healing EF surpasses SH considerably, but if there is nothing to heal, then there is nothing to heal. The raw healing value of EF does not really show up until you start working on HM fights. There is just not enough damage in normal to justify doing HR-HR-HS-EF.
I haven't really found any problems with mana so far, although we are only just starting heroics so that could change.

Our healer comp usually consists of 3 holy paladins (2 SH/mastery build), 2 holy priests & 1 resto druid, although one of the paladins was gkicked yesterday so I'm not sure what the 6th will be anymore.

I kinda had a feeling that the build was in effective because there wasn't anything to heal, however on a fight like norushen I was expecting to do much better than our SH/mastery stacking pallys & that isn't the case.

Only fights I do better than them consistently is iron juggernaut, dark shaman, malkorok and garrosh.
Only fights I do better than them consistently is iron juggernaut, dark shaman, malkorok and garrosh

Make sense. Juggernaut and Shamans are semi spread out fight with constant damage.

Malkorok shield mechanic is custom built for EF. No overheal. In fact, LoD is horrible for Malkorok. Instead of healing the target with the lowest shield, it will heal the target with the lowest health. What is worse, if everybody is at full health, it will start healing adds.

I bet on Garrosh beacon is your number 2 or 3 healing spell.

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