Selfless healer or Eternal flame??

PS: About the gems, someone today mentioned that spirit gems are no longer what people normally use now so maybe I've been missing out a little with wrong gemming. However as I said that I use robot and icy veins for my reforging and gemming I hope it's not wrong..

ALSO, I'm glad that Druids are OP and that my concerns haven't been that bad. I manage to get close to him but not quite.

That's a crapton of spirit.....

Spirit is a comfort stat. Only gem as much as you think you need (with a flask on).

I'm not telling you to drop 2-3k spirit, but... you could probably start ditching it until you find yourself going OOM near the end of the fight.
11/29/2013 09:23 AMPosted by Rahim
Are you sure about this? I am doing exactly as robot from ivy veins has suggested and although I agree with most if this I am however not sure on the spirit part. My raid doesn't have any priests and usually 1 shaman so not a lot of regen there.

One shaman is enough. That is a lot of extra mana from mana tide.

When I ran SH, I had 8,600 spirit. That includes two healing HM Galakras, Norushen, Protectors and Sha.
OK guys, tyvm. I will adjust accordingly for tonights raid. Thanks a lot for your help and have a nice day.
I am currently messing with the crit build and i really like it. EF and DP work well together even tho DP is very RNG. holy avenger works good as a CD when u need it. you can go either way on that. Big thing with EF is making sure that whatever heal addon u are using u can track ur EF targets so u are not putting it on some1 who already has it. also make sure u change ur beacon to the tank that is tanking at the moment cuz all of ur EF targets will be healing ur beacon target too. also with the crit build u get alot of infusion of light procs. This is just my opinion i have only done flex on this toon. just throwing my 2 cents out there
TY Jarten

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