How should I gem for raiding demo and destro?

I realize that destro is supposed to gem Int/hit in blue sockets, and demo is supposed to gem haste/hit. And destro should reforge to mastery while demo reforges to haste. I will primarily be raiding as destro. If I gem and reforge destro, will I be okay for demo?
For destro it depends on how much haste you already have. 1405 haste rating gives you an eighth tick of immolate, making conflag hit harder as well. If you have a chance to get there, haste will definitely be worth gemming straight for. Since you are somewhat close, as destro, you should be reforging for haste wherever you can, and gemming haste wherever you can until you hit 1405 haste rating. After that, haste drops dramatically for destro.

Those sims at 80 on EJ are in BiS ICC/RS gear. The profile is already at 1405 haste, so that's why you see it simming so low. After you reach that cap, then go for mastery. But it would be a loss to do otherwise.

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