Working as intended?

From the EU forums:

'Currently out of combat my non crit holy shock is around 60,000 with a 20,000 mastery proc.
The in combat holy shock is 30,000 wihich should proc a illuminated healing of 10,000, but is actually procking an illuminated healing of 5,000. (These numbers are rounded but you got the idea)
In other words, Paladin heals get a double penality from Battle Fatigue.
Do some tests and tell me if im wrong. '

So looks like we get a double penalty. Cool stuff.
Well I tested this in a duel, idk if that counts since some people say it doesn't count battle fatigue. My holy shocks hit for 60k and I get a 30k shield in duels. My shocks are usually 120k and get a 60k absorb outside of duels. I guess this guy is just dumb and probably forgot the PvE scaling seeing how he is in pve gear and has little arena exp.
Even in a BG, if you're not in combat, BF won't apply. BF only applies when you enter combat with another player in organized pvp (BG/Arena) (Read the in-game tool-tip for battle fatigue). I don't believe this guy is wrong, it's just the way it is. Paladins, whose top healing should be Eternal Flame/WoG, Illuminated healing, and Holy Shock in PvP, take the 'D' two times over based on the mechanics of BF. All in all, it's a raw deal and it makes stacking mastery in PvP now pretty useless.

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