Eternal flame for holy pallys

Why did they make eternal flame ticks not give illuminating healing anymore? it used to be able to keep the shield up on people that you would think would take dmg(or on the tank). why did they take the tick away? there was no reason for it to be mini nerfed
It was taken away because Eternal Flame became so powerful with the ticking shield that holy pallies won't even consider other talents of the same tier, while the philosophy for the game design is not to have a cookie cutter build, meaning all talents should theoretically provide same amount of usefulness so that people won't be penalised for choosing a talent that they like instead of the "best talent".

Anyway, you're kinda late in the complaining... it was taken away since the start of 5.4, about 2 months++ ago?

That said... I would love to have it back too! It would make us pallies OP! muahahahahaha!
tbh I haven't noticed it until now when someone pointed it out to me in a raid yesterday
The only thing I liked about it was in PVP. WHen me and up to 3 others were defending a place, I could get full IH shield on everyone, and keep it rolling for eternity. Also helpful to have an extra 150,000 HP on someone when those rogues decide to show up.

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