Proper Gear and Rotation?

I have a Paladin but I cant help but feel something is wrong with my dps I don't know if its my rotation or my gear but my dps seems to be lacking I will link my paladin and see if you veterans can help a noobie out thanks guys/gals

...Why didn't you just ask in the thread you started on your actual Paladin?

Anyway, only real problems with your gear are the TI trink, the lack of a four-set bonus, and lack of legendary things. Skeer's isn't exactly great, but it is better than pretty much anything else shy of Thok's Tail and the Eye of Galakras. Once you get an Eye, probably best to stop using HA, since HA's CD is not affected by the trinket; at that point, SW pretty much wins. Once you get 4pT16, you can swap in DP on AoE/cleave-heavy encounters like Spoils, Galakras, and Protectors.
Well I cant do anything about raid drops blizz seems to love screwing me in that area but why do you tell me to use SW but you dont use it? in fact most of your gear is lower then mine so I am alittle unsure what to do.
This is an alt, foremost, and I believe he's logged in my AoE spec - which is also great for mob grinding and soloing, which is probably what I was doing last on him. Main Ret is...iL 561, now, I think?

Anyway, yeah, RNG is a bit of a sow when it comes to specific drops (can't get Thok's trink to save my frickin' life, on either Paladin >_<); was merely pointing out that that's really the only weak point in your gear. So, if your rotation's good, the only thing holding back your damage is your gear.
I see thanks alot for the info

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