PVE Holy Questions

Hey, I've just started Flex raiding as Holy, and I find that I'm always way behind other healers in terms of healing done(even healers that I outgear, friggin shamans). Now, I'm well aware that I might just suck as a healer, but I'm trying to improve.

I've been running a Mastery EF build and have been looking around at other options. I see people saying that haste EF builds are great and was curious as to how to approach healing with such a build.

I've been considering a haste SH build, but can't find much info about it. All I find is mastery SH builds and from my understanding those are preferable for 25man raids. Am I understanding this right?

Also, Askmrrobot is telling me that crit stacking is the most effective. How would I go about that build?

Sorry for the noob questions. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
Well i can't comment much on SH builds cause i don't care for that play style but if you were going to stick with a EF build you want to reach a haste brake point in your ilvl i would aim for the 3506 which gives you 13 ticks from EF and then stack mastery. As it stands your in the middle of 2 haste breakpoints which you don't want to be you either want to get to 3506 haste then stack mastery or move up to the next break point 7170 then stack mastery. The issue with your gear is the timeless gear which is hit or miss due to the random stats as i notice on some pieces you had to reforge into spirit. Also gemming hybrid gems are typically better than pure stat gems.

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