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It is amazingly disruptive since Blizzard decided to meld high pop realms with lower populated realms. Since then, the in-game bullying to the degree that it is annoying. Now, you might think I'm a teenager, no. I'm 46 years old and been playing this game since 2006. I have contributed over $5,000 USD's through two accounts, mounts, pets, etc. But this game currently with Spawn camping tot he degree that one CAN NOT run away to safe haven without dying, or quest safely without being ganked or hunted.

I would consider moving all of my 11 90's to another realm, but that is exactly what Blizzard would love, more money for me to transfer, and that will not happen. I will choose to cancel all of my subscriptions and play another game with my son's.

Sad and disappointing all together with Blizzard allowing this type of game play and all they do is monitor foul language in the forums instead of 'quality of game play'. Make the game a SAFE haven where kids, teens and adults are not BULLY'D.
PvP happened on a PvP server...

Get a WPvP guild.
PvP happened, etc.
Yeah, your kids really can't have fun with the game when they're being corpse camped, or having some dumb !@# over use their caps lock to scream their head off through a computer screen at them, because they're to far away to be threatened. Blizzard hasn't dealt with it, and it is in their rules that behavior that ruins the game experience, such as corpse camping for a long period of time, is not punishable. Oh well. :/
Don't play on a PvP realm. I don't, never have, and this is why.
Don't play on a PvP realm. I don't, never have, and this is why.

Nothing wrong with a PvP server :), It's all opinions. These days with flying tho if i was to level 1-85 again i would go to a pve server for questing.
Don't play on a PvP realm. I don't, never have, and this is why.


Blizz effectively "fixed" your realm if it now has world PvP. Its working as intended. Its why I never joined a pvp server (except to play with 1 friend for a bit).

11/28/2013 11:19 AMPosted by Sosen
Don't play on a PvP realm. I don't, never have, and this is why.

Nothing wrong with a PvP server :), It's all opinions. These days with flying tho if i was to level 1-85 again i would go to a pve server for questing.

There is nothing wrong with a PvP server if you enjoy WPvP. The OP doesn't, which makes it odd why its blizzard's fault.
You chose the PvP realm experience.

You got a PvP realm experience.
Blah blah blah, if you've been here this long, how are only now getting camped enough to post a forum thread?
11/28/2013 11:13 AMPosted by Sosen
PvP happened on a PvP server...

I agree and this is exactly what I tell all the pvpers when they complain about getting owned by raiders.

BTW ever heard of enchants? Might want to look into it.
Roll PvE server. Problem solved. This complaint is equivalent to entering a race and complaining about people going too fast.
Here us how you solve world pvp.

Make all servers the same. Level 1 to 60 is pve. At 60, you get the one time option to flag pvp per character. All post 60 toons get a one time grandfather option to flag. You have a given time to decide and can't level or enter a dungeon until you do.

Once you flag or not flag that us it unless you pay to flag and can only do once every so often.

For those who do not flag you can still pvp in battlegrounds but not in world pvp.

For those who flag you can kill anyone within 10 levels if you own. If you are out if the level rang you show as yellow. If you gank a low use you feet a 5 minute debug that hurts and allows you to be gabled or something equally demoralizing. Lower levels can only attack those over 19 levels above with said debuff.

You can still decimate towns and quest givers and those within 10 levels as much as you like.

Once flagged opposite faction shows red, low use yellow and same faction green. Those who prefer pve are blue and not attack ale outside battlegrounds and arenas.

You can only flag on a realm that you have one faction on. If you want to flag on a server and you have ally and horde on the same server you must migrate or faction change to one faction per server. This may no longer be needed what with cross realms however.

Pvp flagged players get a 10% bonus to pvp points and exp gains in arena and battle grounds. Pve players get normal exp and points. That way you give incentive to flag.

You can have pvp and pve on the same server as this will be per character. This allows people to level to 60 before engaging I. World pvp or not and slows a revenue generation by having people pay to reflag or de flag.

It also eliminates pvp and pve servers as anyone can chose to be either.
You're literally on one of the ONLY servers that is still known to have excellent and active world PvP....

Goodbye, we will not miss you.

Bleeding Hollow is not for you.
thats what pvp is. thats why i avoid those servers and stick with pve. gankings fun, ya people take it to an extreme which can be annoying but you took that risk by making a toon on a pvp realm
You had to have known this is what a PvP server was going to be like when you made a character on one, right? I have yet to see spawn camping on Kil'jaeden and Horde slightly dominate the server.
Since the server merges Alliance had it rough on my server as well. So I moved to a normal server. Couldn't be happier the decision.
I specifically rolled this toon on a PVP server to experience world PVP and to get ganked. If you don't like dying in world PVP then you will have to move to a normal realm. This toon got ganked by a few 90's the other day and only 1 camped me. Sometimes PVP can be annoying but the thrill of knowing anything can happen is what makes it fun.

Find a very active guild and stick with them in a party if you are going to be out in the world.

Otherwise PVP happens.
Only since the merging of realms is when it started getting impossible to play. I understand it's a PvP realm. but for 8 years there was nothing wrong. For 8 years if you were out and about questing one, two or maybe even 4 opposing faction players would gank you and thats it. It is over, they move on. Now you spawn in a supposedly safe area (ex: timeless Isle, vendor area) and it is not safe, they gank you over and over again without the chance to move to safe haven. Thats what I am trying to say. For those of you saying it is a PvP server, just wait til it happens to you. And whether im in a pvp guild or not, that does nto keep you from being ganked on a spawn point, you dummy.
What does Connected Realms have to do with the increase in corpse camping? You already play on one of the highest pop PvP realms as it is - it's unlikely to end up on the Connected Realms list. This is something that you would have already been seeing over and over when you are on the underrepresented faction.

World PvP has been more about ganking and griefing than honest PvP for years. Part of honest world PvP in the first place is to kill your opponent before they can get away. There is no concept of "quarter" outside of some RP related world PvP.

I don't know why you're waiting until now to complain if you've been playing this long.

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