How should I Paladin?

If I roll a pally, what race/spec should I play? Pally is the only class I haven't played, so I don't know that much about the class and any help would be nice :)
Ret and Holy are both great. Ret needs gear to become that burst monster that's unstoppable but it's worth it once you get the gear. Holy has lots of utility and is very strong in arenas.
What's your thing? Roleplaying? Looks?

Nothing can beat elf in looks, and the Blood Knight lore is pretty cool.

As for spec, you said pally is the only class you haven't played yet, so you can choose any you want, as all 3 are great (though I don't recommend going Holy unless you plan to level almost exclusively on dungeons)
Race: I have no opinion about race. It all depends. What faction do you want to be? Do you like cows or magic-addicts? Do you like alien-squids, hypocrites, or alcoholics? I chose human because I'm vain. I wanted to look good in armor. I wanted to be pretty. I have nothing against the others, but this is what I like.

Spec: What do you want to do? Think about what you want to be at 90 or 100? If you're solely questing all the way up to level cap, maybe Ret is best. If you are doing LFD all the way up to level cap, consider dual tank and heals. I healed up to level 30 via LFD and then dual spec'd tank/heals. That is all I do. Tank and/or heal. I LOVE IT.

I don't really PVP much. So, I don't have much to say about that.

I would say, focus and learn the spec you plan on being at level cap. You don't want to level as one thing, then switch to something completely new and not know a thing. You need the experience and knowledge of how to play the class and spec from doing it.

I seriously enjoy my pally. I also like playing a druid and a priest. But, my pally holds my attention the longest. Its the class I look forward to logging on to. I love the lore behind the paladin and all that, that brings. I love how elegant and graceful they look while fighting in combat. I love the lights and animations that their spells create.

I hope this helps. Happy Thanksgiving. :)
Personal play style will determine what you will like about the class. If you like dislike melee combat in WoW then protection or retribution will not suit you. If dislike healing then Holy will not interest you either.

If you like melee combat you will find Retribution to be a fun class to play. Its your typical easy to pick up, but not as easy to master, melee class.

Prot is very good too, not hard to figure out.

Holy i found to be one one more unique healing specs in the game. I played a Holy Priest from Vanilla thru Wrath, and Resto Shaman from Cata till now as a alts. I found the spec odd, i cannot place a finger on what i did not like about it, other than it was not as instinctual to play as the other healing classes were, at least for me. It seem to be less and less players playing the spec, but that could just be me, and is by no means a real thing.

I prefer Horde, so that only leaves 1 race, Bloodelf.
Tauren are horrible, have bad hair and cannot wear proper foot wear.
Horde: Blood Elf
Alliance: Dwarf

Spec for leveling - Any would do. Prot or Holy will probably be faster if your idea is to get to 90 ASAP. Just grind dungeons all the way through. Ret would probably be the most enjoyable while questing.

Holy Paladin is my absolute favorite healing spec in the game. So much so that I have pretty much abandoned all my other healers. Everytime I try and play them, I just keep thinking how much I'd rather be on my Paladin.
Protection is easy to level questing at lower levels,then pick up Ret for questing and dungeons or Holy for dungeons. I have no idea about PVP,except that I hear a lot about Holy being OP.

Race is more a personal choice,but if you pick a Draenei now,next expac will be all about you!
I started out as a holy male human paladin, switched to protection at 70 (back when we tanked in spellpower gear with defense skill added on), switched to female dwarf right before the 5.0 patch at the end of Cataclysm, and then to female human as ret once I hit 90 and saw how crappy female dwarf combat animations are.
Ret is quite fun. I haven't been Holy or Prot in a looooong time, but I think both are also in a pretty good place these days.

As for race, I recommend:

Alliance: Gnome, Night Elf, or Worgen
Horde: Troll, Undead, Orc, or Goblin
Or Pandaren for either
j/k, race really doesn't really matter, except for those above, of course, since they can't be pallies.
Blood elves look very nice in the paladin armor. They also have arcane torrent, a nice 2 second silence.
Moocows because they're Sun Druids.

Or Blood Elves because we stole/were given the Light from a dying light-thingy and a possibly senile space goat.

Or space goats, because space goats.

... Actually, fem Dwarf, definitely fem Dwarf. You'll be the only one on your server!
Paladins are the most beautiful class so make sure you choose the most beautiful race: male blood elf.
Draenei is best.
Draenei is best.

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